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  • Ian Ian Sep 14, 2007 07:46 Flag

    McLaren banned !!!! Any reaction to that ?

    Typical Italians. Can't do it on their own. Stephney gives them up for cheating with the barge board, So they have to blame someone. If Mc Laren are guilty they and drivers should be thrown out. If the car was so much better becouse of the unreliable and crap Ferreri compoments then the drivers points should be deducted. I think Lewis Hamilton would understand this. Every right thinking person thinks this is crap. Stuff Ferrari. Ron you are right. Stand by your guns. Don't let the Mafia gat away with it. Please

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    • You neanderthal, blame the company that spends millions of dollars on reseqrch and dedicates its people to develop cutting edge technolgy and sacrifices untold hours and resourses to develop the the best-most technologicaly advanced racing car in the world, to compete in the worlds greatest racing venues against the worlds greatest drivers, instead of the scum from McLaren who commit a criminal act of stealing that which they have neither the guts, intelligence or decency to creat on their own. Shame on you, where is your sense of decency. Oh! you must be from McLaren