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  • Biffo Biffo Sep 14, 2007 11:10 Flag

    McLaren banned !!!! Any reaction to that ?

    On the face of it, McLaren are only guilty by association. If this turns out to be the case then the penalty is quite absurd and seriously damaging to one of the greatest teams to have graced F1. If, however, it turns out that McLaren have deliberately benifited, or even tried to benifit from the Ferrari info, I suppose the punishment fits the crime.
    I, for one, find it hard to believe that RD would ever contemplate such a thing and hope that the British fans, along with other knowledgeable fans around the world, rally to his support.
    As for Ferrari, they are part of a huge organisation run by lawyers and accountants.. so what else would you expect? Can't blame them really but a quiet word between contestants might have been better for the sport and all those connected. But then their badge is a prancing horse, not (some might be surprised to hear) a flying pig!
    Good luck Ron, we appreciate everything you've achieved and will continue to believe in you whatever happens!

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    • According to ron dennis's interview after the hearing nothing was proven. The only think true was the one of their employees had the ferrari documents at the house. It has not been proven that mclaren have used this info or benifited from it. Also sworn statements from all three drivers and all maclaren engineers stated that they had never seen the documents or know of the team using them.Also it seems very strange that maclaren cannot consider an appeal until today(friday) because the Fia have not stated why they have been punished and will not be revealing these details until later on friday. Also Several well known people in the F1 circus(tony jardine, murry walker and jackie stewart) have said on national radio last night that this penalty is without presidence and that a simular think happen a couple of years ago involeving FERRARI and TOYOTA and the FIA did nothing - so it definatly stinks of a grudge penalty by Max mosley against the person he hates the most Ron Dennis.
      Also some people have heard the wrong info - maclaren ARE free to race for the rest of the season but will only accrue drivers points but no constructors points.

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      • Are you rally stupid enough to belive that the drivers and mechanics told the truth? If a criminal told a court he was not guilty, that he hadnt committed the crime would you take his word for it and pack up the court? McLaren are not the honest people Britain belive them to be, and if the were willing to cheat to win the F1 title I am sure they wouldnt mind lying about how they achieved that!