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  • Up the Boks Up the Boks Sep 14, 2007 12:02 Flag

    McLaren banned !!!! Any reaction to that ?

    My personal view is that the FIA have just too much power.
    Formula 1 is a sport, right? It was a good time when the combination of best team, driver and car won.
    Ok money comes into the equation. So what? If you have the technology and talent, you will always attract sponsorship.
    Industrial espionage is dispicable, but a fact of life. Any large corporation will attest to this. Most of these take measures to protect themselves as best they can.
    Now the rules are changed every year, supposedly in the name of safety and viewer interest.
    Sorry guys ( & gals) you are going too fast; someone might get hurt or even killed.
    So, NO Turbo-charged engines, in fact, we think you should use small engines; no slick tyres, no ground effect cars. The list goes on and on.
    What a circus.
    I think The FIA have destroyed what promised to be a wonderful season.
    Really sad. It would not surprise me if Ron Dennis, pulled the plug on his teams' involvement in the sport.
    OK, so now the can is well and truly open.

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    • Let's hope Ron Dennis pulls the plug at McLaren ASAP. F1 does not need cheaters and liars in such a magnificent sport. The changes adopted by F1 are for the benefit of everyone, thus companies must dedicate their teams to become creative, innovative and on the cutting edge of technologocal advances. This takes time, money, people and a dedication to excellence, to be the best year in and year out. McLaren has none of this. Ferarri built a state of the art factory, a $100million dollar wind tunnel, and a world class practice racing facility. All in the name of remaining competitive in the sport they love (and created). So why does everyone think industrial espionage is accepteble and a fact of life that carries little or no concequences? Becouse people like Dennis can't do it themselves, he is shallow and weak, therefore he reverts to stealing and criminal behavior to make himself look good at the expense of others. Their are no short cuts and McLaren should not benefit from Ferarri's hard work and financial investments. Dennis should forfiet the entire season and walk away in shame, it will only hurt for a while.

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      • Sorry to say this Mags, but you are way off beam. Ferrari did not create the sport of motor racing. As I remember, Enzo Ferrari started his carrer as a F1 driver for a company formed long before he decided to form his own outfit.
        Your statements regarding Ferrari's facilities are also incorrect : McClaren have an equally impressive, equally expensive outfit.
        "Everyone" does not think that industrial espionage is acceptable. No one ever said or implied this.
        You are also making rather dangerous, presumptious statements about criminal activities. McClaren have not been found guilty in any court of law. They appeared before a panel of self appointed persons that have no legal standing.
        In my humble opinion, you are abusing the use of this forum. I believe that If you were to make similar allegations in the press, you would find that without the inclusion of the qualifying " without prejudice" , you would be open to legal action on slander and libel charges.
        Perhaps you should read the views of the majority of responses to the original thread : In the views of many , Ferrari are equally to blame for bringing the sport into disrepute.
        Let it go, Mags. Support for a team is one thing. Villifying the opposition is lowering the tone of the sport.

      • Mags , we can see that you're a Ferrari Fan!!!
        You are evidently anti McLaren and Ron Denis . You should be careful what you say ! It is true that Ferrari have invested a lot of money to ensure being the best an winning the championship . I think if you examine closely all Ferrari's operations ; you might find that you have missed a few facts .