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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 15, 2007 14:07 Flag

    McLaren banned !!!! Any reaction to that ?

    I am a fan of F1 Motor Racing as a sport . I like to see good driving and racing . Any team or drivers who can show me that , I am a fan of . I like to see good clean sport , played honestly , let the best man win .
    It is regretable that when so much money is involved , the absolute of fair play is cast aside .
    In the eyes of many the great Schumacher is an all time hero ; many quickly forget the string of foul play collisions he caused to put out of action a strong rival and win a race . I have not been able to support him or the team he drove for because of that memory .
    Sadly F1 is no longer the sport it was ; though this year seems to have produced some surprises and exciting races .
    When in this case we are considering rights and wrongs , between two teams ; Ferrari and McLaren are as white as one another ; if you call one black , they are both black .
    I have lived lived in Italy a number of years and can testify to Italian morality , scruples and honesty as described by the above writer .