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  • dirk diggler dirk diggler Sep 14, 2007 02:53 Flag

    Max the Red! He should be wearing a prancing horse.

    You are one fancy piece of work Mosley. Hope you had your red shirt on when you read out that decision. Well there you go Monty, you said Ferrari could only win the championship if it was given to them across a boardroom table and your mate Max has made that all possible. I love F1 and all things to do with it and I won't have anyone slag it or teams or drivers off, but I do hope, with an unbridled passion, that from now on Ferrari cars break down at every given oppertunity and that when there is the slightest chance that one of their drivers messing up or spinning off hope he does so with the embarrasment that that team deserves. Ferrari, if you can claim the championship this year with any clarity of consience then you don't deserve to be the role model that you have become for millions of motorsport enthusiasts all over the world. The words pot and kettle spring to mind. Shame on you! Lewis, KICK SOME #$%$! Fernando, sign for Ferrari now like we all know you want to!

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    • Drivers are part of the team, just because he isnt the British driver doesnt mean he isnt part of the team,and I would be fairly confident that McLaren wouldnt use Ferrari technology in their foreign drivers car and leave their new British driver to use useless McLaren technology.

    • Hey Max, Get Real! It is quite refreshing to see so many McLaren fans venting their anger at everyone except the real criminal element - McLaren. McLaren could never defeat Ferrari fair and square, they had to resort to industrial espianage to get an unfair advantage. Look at all the e-mails pointing fingers at everyone else except the real culprits - Max, Bernie, The Press, Madonna, The Pit Girls, Big Foot, Aliens, The Beatles etc... even the party that has been damaged by all this is being blamed - Ferrari. You folks are pitiful and shameful. McLaren cheated and stole private property and used information ILLEGALLY! Dennis and company should go to JAIL!!! Crawl out from you rock and be a man, admitt the wrong and you will feel better.

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      • Mclaren has admitted that the Ferrari data was known by the Mclaren drivers and engineers (emails exchanged etc). Thus by this fact alone Mclaren was fully aware of the Ferrari technical information as also where Ferrari was concentrating its attention to improve their cars. This information would have been a great assistance to Mclaren's development since they could choose alternative technological mehtods and avoid spending time and money on ideas that Ferrari had invested into but which had not borne satisfactory results. This is a huge advantage to the McLaren technologists. It is of equal assistance for the two McLaren drivers who would know intimately the weaknesses of the Ferrari cars at any given time and this knowledge would allow the McLaren drivers and engineers to more accurately choose their pit strategies and also enable the drivers to know where on the track they should apply increased pressure on the Ferrari cars in order to put the Ferrari cars under greater technical stress. It is no secret that in several races this year the Ferrari cars have lost performance during a race which they should have won - it is not a coincidence that in most of such cases the McLaren cars performed out-of-the-ordinary overtaking manoeuvres. It is of no importance that McLaren claims that "no part of the Ferrari designs were incorporated" since it is abundantly clear that the net effects of the Ferrari data was certainly deployed by the McLaren engineers in their workshops and also used by their drivers on the tracks. It is an amazing claim on the part of Ron Dennis that he only became aware of the emails etc in the first week of August 2007 - well over half a year from the time the Ferrari details were obtained by Mclaren - it is more than likely that his disclosures of the emails was an attempt to divert attention away from himself - integrity - that is word Ron Dennis cannot even spell. If he has even a small portion of integrity he would have pulled Mclaren out of the championship and, even more importantly, he would have disclosed the illegal acquisition of the Ferrari techno-data many months ago. I sincerely hope that the Italian Police will complete the job and hold Dennis, his team and his drivers guilty and that the Italian courts will give them the punishment they richly deserve.

    • You numpty!! If Ron had been the accuser we would all be screaming for a Red Ban. I would love L.Ham, to be F1 champ but now it's tainted with MCL cheating I won't support him again this year. If cheating wins the F1 crown then everyone should do it,then the best drivers and cheats would win. Hopefully MCL will refuse to accept the F1 title...as if... No honour left at MCL. Big Ron be a gent and withdraw

    • so who does alonso and delarosa work for then brains?

    • Scratch mate, thats the most truthful statement i've head since i posted the original. Keep it up mate.

    • both drivers given imunity so that they could turn in their comments and knowledge of using ferrari data on,wait for it, A MCLAREN! get your mum to read it to you again,but sloooooooowly this time

    • WOW You are something else. If you read the report that the fia released, then you should know that the report implicated Alonso & PDLR.

      It did'nt implicate Mclaren, strange i know, but it did'nt.

      And if you read the news that Ron Dennis actually reported to the fia of the emails and sms messages, then where did the fine come in. Why did'nt they just ban Alonso and PDLR from the sport altogether.

      I can understand your grievence being a ferrari fanboy with your nose up their #$%$, but your just after the same as ferrari. AN EASY CHAMPIONSHIP WITH NO COMPETITION.

    • again WELL SAID THAT MAN

    • funny how 2005 and 2006 season maclaren got knowhere..and in 2007 kept winning races..funny that..seem to me is they had alot of specs from farrari and used that data on there cars. dont tell me no..they got a better car for 2007.#$%$..

    • Yea agree, but whats all this brit thing, he's a spik

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