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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 14, 2007 14:51 Flag

    Max the Red! He should be wearing a prancing horse.

    Mclaren never cheated Philip H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One member of their team had some documents from a mate at Ferrari thats it. It hasn't been proved that Mclaren benefitted from it. Why would Mclaren want to make their cars go slower???
    Spying goes on all the time in F1, when a team tests a new car or part theres photographers there taking pics for rival teams. Mclarens car for 2008 has to be checked before they are allowed to compete in case it has anything on it from Ferrari, I bet Ferrari will claim that Mclaren have copied them by having four wheels on their car and get them kicked out next year aswell!!!! Ferrari are F**KING SORE LOSERS!!

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    • Yes spying does go on all the time, but when a team is caught, they have to be punished, if Ferrari were caught with McClaren documents the whole of England would be up in arms against them, everyone complains when Schumacher stalled a car-posessing 780 pages of your opponents data is far more of an infringement on the rules than stalling a car.If it werent for the fact that McLaren and Hamilton were British no one in this country would care. Besides this hearing just concluded that McLaren did benefit from those documents, and therefore ran an illegaly built car over the last season, and that needs to be punished, not ignored or blamed on Ferrari because precious Hamilton and his precious team are English! You break the rules and if you get caught you pay the price- the gamble didn't pay off, better luck spying next time.

    • Hey Mr. Jolly - Tell McLaren to turn over their itellectual capitol to Ferrari and Williams etc... and tell them not to use it, Oh! I forgot - Ferrari would get back their own documents. How un-original are you and the rest of the moron McLaren fans that fail to admitt when their team has committed a felony and should serve jail time. Tell McLaren to conduct their own research, spend their own money and expend their own pathetic itellectual capitol to build a competetive F! car. Stop stealing from the competition and then taking credit as if you had somehow contributed. PATHETIC!