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  • dirk diggler dirk diggler Sep 15, 2007 03:34 Flag

    Max the Red! He should be wearing a prancing horse.

    Phil, don't be a dope all your life. Pedro and Fernando were the only ones in possesion of any potentially illegal information. Pedro has admitted as much. Maclaren didn't act on any information no matter how it was obtained. The two drivers were the ones at fault and as such should be the only ones who are punished. Fernando should be removed from this years championship and both should have their super licences revoked for the rest of this season and all of next years. If you think that this punishment is harsh then don't forget that thi is what the FIA wanted to hand out to ALL of the team, innocent or not. And we all know that Fernando is capable of blatant cheating. "mmmm......how long shall i sit here and wait. Did that man put his lollipop up? Not sure, think i'll sit here a bit longer and think about it. Is that my friend on the pit wall. Wonder what he's doing. Oh i see, he's learning to count down. Well i never, he's helping me to learn too. 5 4 3 2 1. What a shame, no more numbers left to count. Ah well, better go now. Is that Lewis behind me? Hope i can keep up with him today." WAKE UP AND SMELL THE PETROL PHIL!

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    • Oh yes, because hes foreign, and Hamiltons not I keep forgetting that nothing English can ever cheat, all of MCLarens drivers have attained their position driving illegal cars so they should be punished, however I personally am glad thay werent as it leaves an interesting end to the season, but from a legal point of view they should be punished, Hamilton and Dennis are not English angels in a team full of foreign devils.