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  • Captain Black Mysteron Agent Captain Black Mysteron Agent Sep 14, 2007 18:45 Flag

    F1 - Mc Laren - What a masquerade!

    and no punishments for ferrari running illegal kit on their cars ....... double standards and if it werent a british team it wouldnt have happened - ferrai sour grapes from the biggest nation of corruption in sport ever ......... its hilarious

    i'm no mclaren fan - but their is no sense of fairness at all - one way traffic at usual

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    • Ferrari running an illegal kit and no punishment was handed out ???

      How come none of the teams like BMW, Toyota, Renault and Williams which all would have gained 1 or 2 championship point if Ferrari was disqualified never complained about this(except McLaren) ???

      Do you think they would really let those points(and a good amount of money) go if Ferrari was really running an illegal kit?

      Ferrari was investigated and the car was cleared as perfectly legal as far as i know.