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  • Chris w Chris w Sep 14, 2007 17:54 Flag

    F1 the pinnacle of motorsport..not any more.

    F1 is now the biggest joke in sport.

    The best days was early 80's and earlier, Mansell and Senna days when they were allowed to race.

    Now GP's on tracks no one can get or would want to go to, tracks where there is no history of F1.

    Ecclestone put F1 on the map, now it's gone to far, Mosely is the biggest waste of space in motorsport.

    I now will watch Indycar, proper racing, no team orders, they know how to put on a show.

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    • Have to agree. This was the most tense season in probably a decade, only to be spoiled by underhand off-track politics.
      This whole spy row has been confusing and subtle, because we haven't been told explicitly what's going on.
      And what happens when someone blatantly brings the sport into disrepute? Well, after Austria 2002, the FIA decided to fine Ferrari and Schumacher a couple of million each... for not respecting podium ceremony protocol.
      So if you're going to cheat or do something completely stupid, just do it in a straight-forward manner - you'll get a hefty penalty if you try to disguise it!

    • couldn't agree more - who's pocket does the money go into !!!???

    • I'm sorry to say it but I have to agree with you.
      Tracks like Monza, Imola and Silverstone have huge history and Ecclestone should defnitely make an effort to keep that heritage alive.
      With these new tracks like China and Bahrain, F1 is now all about money.
      Those days where Senna and Prost battled it out were, without a doubt the best!!
      Come on Bernie, Do something about it!!