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  • IronMaiden_RuLeZ IronMaiden_RuLeZ Sep 15, 2007 06:10 Flag

    McLaren Vs FIA Appeal ?

    Too easy to jump into rush conclusions like this :

    "This is a witch hunt instigated by Ferrari. They know they can't win on merit so they're resorting to bogus charges against McLaren. "Officially" this is coming from the FIA, but FIA = Max = Ferrari. I'm thoroughly disgusted with F1 now and I'm not watching it anymore. Appeal, McLaren!"

    Did you really think FIA will ban and punish any team that threaten Ferrari on the constructors championship without any valid reason whatsosever?

    As for FIA = Max = Ferrari, after what we learned today... its more like FIA = Max = McLaren

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    • Guys i just heard this today on German TV. Max was being interviewed in the paddock by a german commentator. He asked him if he expected Maclaren to appeal. He said 'If they do, we will take away the driver's points as well'.

      What kind of Organization is that? That has to be illegal tactics.

      He was also told that Renault have admitted to using Maclarens ideas for their car.. he said ' Really, I haven't heard anything'

      Asked if he intends to do anything about it, he said 'probably not'

      Bernie said the whole business will have no effect on the Formula One at all.

      What a pair of pricks those two are.

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      • "What a pair of pricks those two are"
        Yes, i agree... McLaren should and would have been expelled from F1 if it wasnt for Bernie and Max.

        As for the rest of what you wrote, if its exactly word for word true then i`m sure it`ll be on front pages on monday`s newspapers. And if you think that british newspapers could have missed such a sensational news then i`m sure they would pay you a few thousands of £ just for the tip.

        But my best guess is that you have totally fabricated or missinterpreted his words my dear ;)