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  • matthew matthew Sep 14, 2007 21:03 Flag

    Alonso & Hamilton - Team representatives?

    In the FIA statement it states that " ** No McLaren representative will be allowed on the podium should a McLaren driver win in any of the remaining races of the 2007 season."

    Surely as drivers under contract to McLaren both Alonso & Hamilton are 'representatives' of McLaren.

    If McLaren decide to interpret the FIA statement as such, this could ruin the podium celebrations for any of the races that McLaren win for the rest of the season and create a damaging situation that may cause the FIA to backtrack on its original statement. This could be a more farcical and damaging situation than Indianapolis 2005

    If McLaren want to make a point to the FIA is this a direction that they may wish to take? Can we imagine a situation occuring where only the third placed driver might appear on the podium?

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