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  • Scratch Scratch Sep 14, 2007 21:06 Flag

    Ferrari say they're happy now


    Ferrari say they're happy now. But they wanted more blood.

    Jean Todt says it should have been more.

    What he really means is he wants to have next years constructors championship handed to him on a plate.

    It's these kinds of people who should be kicked out of F1. They do nothing but gloat when they win by default.

    Him, Mosley, Ecclestone, and a few more.


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    • you're right Scratch..these gloating people and the lying and cheating people should be kicked out of Formula one!!!!

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      • silly question but who are these lying cheating people.oh dear thats right its dennis and mclaren.the ones who were found guilty.yawn.can we just let this die a death and concentrate on the F1far as I am concerned McLaren and Ferrari had their day in front of the Motor Council and the verdict has been announced.Now some people might like the outcome and others will think its not hard enough but its done and dusted so its time to move on.

    • I agree with what you say.What does F1 stand for:
      FERRARI 1. Ever since Shumi joined Ferrrari,the championship has been geared up for them to win it.At the start of the season everyone said they would walk away with the 2 titles but the Ron Dennis's team start to walk away with both titles Ferrari START crying to Ferrari lover Max And Bernie to too something so they can CHEAT their way to at least one title this year.
      Hopefully McClaren will stroll to both titles next year and stick two fingers upto ferrari and the whole of F1.

    • I think Ron Dennis has been totally straight and honest through this whole episode. I really admire him for it. It appears to be his emplyees who are at the centre of the spying issue and they seem to have gotten off comparitively lightly.

      It also seems wrong that Ferrari themselves have not been punished as as they also employed (and consequently were responsible for) the individual who handed over the document/s in the first place.

      The whole thing stinks of Ferrari sour grapes to me. I've lost count of the times Ferrari and/or Michael Schumacher have been let off lightly by the FIA in previous disputes.

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      • Another Mclaren bigot trying to blame Ferrari.
        Ron Dennis straight and honest, you are having a laugh aren't you?
        As the FIA assert, decisions to use the illegally aquired information would not have been that of De La Rosa on his own, this went to the top of that corrupt organisation.
        Stepney will probably go to prison and rightly so, how you blame Ferrari for Stepney god only knows. Quite simply Mclaren knew what their employees were up to, Ferrari didn't.
        McLaren cheated, then lied and got caught out, Dennis should just pay up and look like a big man instead of the weasel he appears at the moment. He could then concentrate on winning both the constructors and drivers titles next season..only this time legally of course.

    • What if Ferrari and McLaren roles were reversed in this case. What if Ferrari was found in possesion of secret data from its main rival McLaren??
      I`m sure this board woud have been spammed with messages "Ban Ferrari from F1".

      Ofcourse Ferrari wanted more and i`m sure you(and McLaren) would have wanted more if it was Ferrari on trial.

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      • Well said and so VERY true!

        How many people would be backing McLaren if Hamilton wasn't involved? How many people would be STILL 'booing' Ferrari if McLaren had Alonso and De La Rosa on board??

        McLaren were found GUILTY of having Ferrari information - proved totally and utterly - there is no getting away from it and YES, Todt is right - it deserved more!

        The drivers are the ones who are benefiting from all this - it is they who will get the massive bonuses and sponsorship deals when they become 'World Champion' and yet they get off scott free??

    • Yop, but They'll have to get some new ideas to get ride of Alonso and Hamilton: Alonso heading second practice by more than one sec!
      Hopefully, he will qualify in poll! and Ferrari will keep running behind...