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  • Alistair Alistair Sep 14, 2007 21:56 Flag

    Half black Hamilton wont deserve to be crowned world champion

    Hamilton wont deserve to be the world champion, because he had a car with McLaren and Ferrari technology while Massa and Raikkonen had only their own teams hard worked technology in their cars.
    Hamilton and Alonso had also benefited from the leaked Ferrari technology, not just the McLaren team.
    Massa or Raikkonen should be crowned champions for what they have done with a weaker Ferrari car, but a Ferrari car none the less.
    They did not win their races with a Ferrari/McLaren car.
    It is unfair to Massa and Raikkonen and I will never see Hamilton or Alonso as the F1 champion of 2007.
    P.S. Hamilton should not be classified as the first Black driver, but as the first coloured driver. Everyone must remember that he is also half white and his mother isn't getting any recognition for him just because his skin is darker than hers.

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    • Excuse me but who was the first one with the current keel whitch now all but Renault are using? McLaren, and why did not Ferrari get penalized for copying? Because it should be called Ferrari 1, not F1. The further south in Europe you travel the more corrupt and immoral it gets, because on Sunday you can go to church and ask for forgiveness to the catholic church and start with a new clean scheming cheating(forgiven) sheet on Monday. How else could the president of Ferrari be so proud announcing to college students that the only reason he made it through college, was by copying others!!!

    • Narain Kharthakain.


      1st black driver? my bum

      1st black ENGLISH driver is what its about.
      if spewis wwsant a brit he wouldnt get no publicity and that is a FACT

      his team cheated,therefor the car and drivers are cheating all other cars and drivers,even the ones with no british involvement.Get over yourbasdad selves

    • What the f**k has colour got to do with it...he could be purple with blue spots and at the end of the day he's a driver and that's it!!!
      You sound racist to me Alistair

    • Hey,that is exactly what I was thinkng. Why must Hamilton be clasified as a black driver when he has a white mother. That is racist, because they dont give any recognition for his white mother.Or is it the media trying to make it sound bigger than what it realy is and that is that Hamilton is a half white/half black F1 driver.

    • Skin color : Who cares ?
      You might care that Hamilton is not half red?

    • RACE, COLOUR, OR WHAT, has nothing to do with what happened, and i find you offensive to mention it.

      Besides there is only one colour on your mind and it's red.

      And judging by your name, loyalty is'nt top of your list either