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  • Alistair Alistair Sep 14, 2007 22:22 Flag

    Hamilton the Half white/half Black F1 driver wont deserve to be crowned world champion


    Hamilton wont deserve to be the world champion, because he had a car with McLaren and Ferrari technology while Massa and Raikkonen had only their own teams hard worked technology in their cars.
    Hamilton and Alonso had also benefited from the leaked Ferrari technology, not just the McLaren team.
    Massa or Raikkonen should be crowned champions for what they have done with a weaker Ferrari car, but a Ferrari car none the less.
    They did not win their races with a Ferrari/McLaren car.
    It is unfair to Massa and Raikkonen and I will never see Hamilton or Alonso as the F1 champion of 2007.
    P.S. Hamilton should not be classified as the first Black driver, but as the first coloured driver. Everyone must remember that he is also half white and his mother isn't getting any recognition for him just because his skin is darker than hers.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • efing idiot

    • Wow Alistair, a thread that is racist AND naive!

      As Murray Walker, Damon Hill, Lauda, Eddie Jordan etc etc have said: spying on the other teams is a fact of life and goes on ALL THE TIME.
      And the team that is most involved in that? Ferrari! The difference being that when another team is seen to be developing an aero-pack etc that is very good, Ferrari poach the person in charge and employ him so that he brings the techniques with him. It's a fact of life in the racing world you absolute spoon!
      And Lewis isn't black? okaaay... personally I don't think it matters and I'm pretty sure if you asked him he'd say he's... English :)

    • Since when is WHITE not a colour? Stop making racist comments and stick to RACING comments.

    • Pants Pants Pants ! ! ! ! !
      You know nothing of this situation and just want to point a finger. Blame them they must have cheated. In all truth the ferrari car just isn't up to it. McLaren said they have not cheated - accept it. FIA will scrutinise their car seriously from now on and they will still win cos Ferraris are naff cheap plastic toys. Come on McLaren show 'em how to do it !

    • why does it matter if he if half anything, are you so sure that past winners are not half of anything (maybe half Irish/half scottish or half Spanish/ half Italian)... Hamilton is the best Rookie driver F1 have seen, only time will tell if he will become a Great driver ala Senna, Prost, Piquet or Hakkinen.. color does not matter... Senna. Prost, Piquet, Hakkinen and Shumi all had different shades of white..

    • How dare you pick on this guys colour or the colour of his mother and by the way he is not coloured he is the same colour all over. He is a driver who has no contact (proven ) with the ferrari team so therefore was not knowingly driving anything other than a maclaren car. His driving ability the recognition he has brought to F1 has in itself made him worthy of winning the title and I will back this guy all the way he is another history maker. Go for it Lewis

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      • for me, it is not about the colour instead is he really that talented??i do not think so...maclaren is a great/big team...that is why he looks so good....lewis is a selfish driver for sure...all this time he's been driving agressively and only until this last GP start to complaining about alonso...only because he lose...

      • Well said. I posted yesterday on the subject, saying colour has nothing to do with it.

        Trouble is there are people on this forum who just have to insult people all the time. This forum used to be a place where people have a discussion on different subjects, unfortunately there are some who think that only their opinion counts.

        I'd like to see some changes here, get rid of the idiots, and get back to civilised discussion again.

    • Race isn't an issue. Is it?

    • Did FIA actually have proof that any actual parts of the McLaren car is the same as the Ferrari car? If not then McLaren should not be penalised. Technical info is always flying around betwen the pits but does anyone actual copy another car parts exactly the same? Just admit it Ferrari got a #$%$ car this year and are desperate to win at all cost.

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      • Arman_a quote from another topic "Stepny, Coughlin, De La Rosa and Alonso should be all fined USD25million each for having knowledge and USING STOLEN MATERIAL"

        You seem a bit confused in your judgements Arman_a.

        Why should Mclaren be deemed as "inocents" while at the same time you admit that Coughlin, De La Rosa and Alonso had knowledge and USED STOLEN MATERIAL ?

        Just incase you didnt know(and i`m seriously starting to think that you dont have a clue who they are from what you wrote on the other topic): Coughlin = McLaren's chief engineer, De La Rosa = Mclaren`s test driver and Fernando Alonso = Mclaren`s race driver.

        Then again, I doubt that the woman that does dishwashing on Mclaren`s kitchen had any knowledge that the stolen material was baing used, but does that mean Mclaren are not guilty?

        Arman_a quote "Did FIA actually have proof that any actual parts of the McLaren car is the same as the Ferrari car? If not then McLaren should not be penalised"

        Seriously, this sentence really made me lough out loud :)
        Second to your logic here, the only way Mclaren would have cheated and deserved a punishment was if... Mclaren had used a stolen Ferrari race car(not just designs and other important data) had painted over the Red with SILVER, stick a Vodaphone banner on and Alonso had raced with it.

    • you are talking aload of #$%$ and you are also dreaming if you think ferrari dont cheat pick any year and they have ie pushing car off letting team mates go by on the finnihs line
      pit stops you name it they done it. but of course its not cheating its ferrari

    • What black person is NOT part white? If we were not part white somewhere down our history we'd be called African. That's reality.
      Given that his Dad was most instrumental in his racing and still is, that is why he is featured. They have shown his Mom albeit a little.
      I take it you are not a racer, athlete, or competitor? Cause if you were you would know that a competitor knows a #$%$ load about his opposition. Some of it rumor, some fact. How else do you get better. Ever heard the saying, "If your not cheating your not racing"? ....Hmm wonder where that came from.....
      What surprises me is that everyone acts like this is new!
      Get real!!!
      BTW: Keep your racist bias to yourself and out of racing and it's awesome folks like you finally have to deal with this new half Black/ half White phenom.!! A new day is here!!!

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      • Dear David,

        Sorry to break your heart, but it's quite the other way around: every white person has black in them somewhere down their blood line.... Africa is known to be "the cradle of civilization", as THAT'S where the oldest human-like remains have been found. Europe and other parts of the world were COMPLETELY LIFE-BARREN at that time...

        It is also basic 3rd grade history evidence that human-like creatures started to migrate from Africa towards other parts of the world. The colder the regions to which they went, including northern Europe, the whiter they became.

        To the rest of the F1 fans who have posted on here, sorry for this paranthesis and diversion from the topic, but this topic is just as important and needed to be clarified. I am as white as paper, by the way, but that cannot prevent me from admitting the facts as they happened.

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