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  • terenurebob terenurebob Sep 15, 2007 18:47 Flag

    Hamilton the Half white/half Black F1 driver wont deserve to be crowned world champion

    I don't think it's simple to say that. I would think that if they did use Ferrari technology then it could be a case of using it to make the worst parts of the McLaren car better. There are things about the Ferrari car that work better than others and the same holds true for the McLaren car. I would think so anyway. I would not think that both cars have the same technology, but what McLaren possibly did is take the bits that Ferrari did better and incorporate that into the McLaren car. I'm sure there are designs in the McLaren car that Ferrari could use to make their car better. Maybe the solution to all of this would be to give Farrari access to all of the McLaren technical data. I guess that wouldn't be fair to the other teams though!

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    • They could have learned a lot from the info, as far as setups and weight distribution is concerned. But it's been proved that they did'nt use it to duplicate any parts from the Ferrari car. Surely it's possible that Mclaren just have a better car than in previous seasons. Mclaren car this season was on the drawing board last year, aerodynamic design, engine design, and all other parts, and all this before the Ferrari documents came into Mclaren hands. Look at Renault, they had two fantastic seasons with Alonso, not so much with Fisichello. Cars have always been in design for the next season, so you can't say the success is solely down to leaked Ferrari documents.

      I'm not condoning what Mclaren did, it was wrong and have been fairly punished. I think this should all be put to bed as the season has'nt long to run, so may as well enjoy whats left.
      I'm sure Ferrari fans will bang on into next season about this.

      Me, i think this season is tainted anyway, and feel a bit ashamed at the way Mclaren have behaved, but i'll just sit back and enjoy the rest of the season. Whats left of it.