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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 15, 2007 00:27 Flag

    Hamilton the Half white/half Black F1 driver wont deserve to be crowned world champion

    I somewhat agree on the Championship, but you must remember, in order for them to penalize the drivers they would have to include Hamilton (The FIA/Bernie favorite. He's a talented British driver in a top car). They won't do that.

    It seems really strange that they can exclude McLaren from the 2007 title, but the drivers don't get any points taken away when they're driving (as you put it...) the Ferrari/McLaren. Extremely inconsistant and strange ruling in that regards.

    Please don't bring the "black/white" thing into it. It's the press hype. Thay've tagged it. He's a talented driver, probably the best one in a seat right now. Leave it at that. It's just sad that if he wins the title under these circumstances it will be considered tainted.