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  • B2a B2a Sep 15, 2007 01:25 Flag

    Hamilton the Half white/half Black F1 driver wont deserve to be crowned world champion

    As the FIA have now announced that De la Rosa and Alonso were named in e-mails refering to Stepney 's******g' on Ferrari by dishing info. then ALL McLaren drivers - including Hamilton - should be punished. At the end of the day it is THEY who are benefiting most from this rediculous situation.

    Neither of them should be allowed to be crowed World Champion - how could they? They have been using a car and knowledge based on Ferrari data............how much more information did Stepney pass before being caught??

    McLaren have been found GUILTY of cheating, and in the most public and dirty way.

    They deserve everything the FIA have thrown at them and in my opinion the drivers should count themselves lucky they haven't been included - they SHOULD have been as it is obvious they knew EXACTLY what was going on.

    Lewes....you MIGHT be 2007 World Champion and the normal English punters will think your wonderful - but the 2007 Championship is tainted and the real F1-fans will ALWAYS disregard this years title race as the fraudulant escapade it has become.

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    • It's being said that if Hamilton wins the championship it will be tainted....nothing being said about the two championships that Shumacher won by pushng Hill and Villnerve off the track.to my mind that was tainted too and he did it twice and got away with it.
      I thought it has been proven that McLaren did not have anything of Farrari's in this years car, and they are still beating them, when Farrari wins the constructor's champtionship....that will be tainted too because they didn't win it on the track but doesn't matter to them...their policy is win it what ever way they can.
      Jonathin L got it right on another post scrap the championship this year altogether...
      McLaren will be back and I hope they stuff the red cars good and proper.

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      • I was about to mention that - Schumacher's first title happened in the worst of circumstances: Imola 94 (at least 2 dead, more injured), the German was disqualified from two races and banned from a third, then the Adelaide incident...
        But Schumacher didn't win the title in 97 after pushing Villeneuve off - besides, he didn't even succeed in doing so, he ended up in the gravel trap on his own looking a right twit, Villeneuve went on to third and the title. Schumacher was subsequently stripped of all his points.
        But 2002 was tainted: Ferrari should have been thrown out after Austriagate - the championship would have been tons more interesting without them that year too...

        If going to ban one, ban 'em both - neither is clean in all this. And as said in another post, both are guilty of hiring total fools: one who leaks info, the other who accepts it with open arms. I hope neither reappears in the F1 paddock, let alone get hired by Honda or Toyota...
        McLaren is no longer credible and Ferrari don't deserve to be handed titles off-track, by default. My big winner of this year is without doubt BMW Sauber: they've raced hard, progressed, and I hope they're in the hunt for next year's titles!

      • Your just an idiot that cant accept that your team are a bunch of thieves.Ferrari beat the #$%$ out of McLaren last year when it was fair and it would have happened this year as well if McLaren only used their own technology.