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  • Flying Lobster 27 Flying Lobster 27 Sep 15, 2007 18:15 Flag

    Hamilton the Half white/half Black F1 driver wont deserve to be crowned world champion

    I was about to mention that - Schumacher's first title happened in the worst of circumstances: Imola 94 (at least 2 dead, more injured), the German was disqualified from two races and banned from a third, then the Adelaide incident...
    But Schumacher didn't win the title in 97 after pushing Villeneuve off - besides, he didn't even succeed in doing so, he ended up in the gravel trap on his own looking a right twit, Villeneuve went on to third and the title. Schumacher was subsequently stripped of all his points.
    But 2002 was tainted: Ferrari should have been thrown out after Austriagate - the championship would have been tons more interesting without them that year too...

    If going to ban one, ban 'em both - neither is clean in all this. And as said in another post, both are guilty of hiring total fools: one who leaks info, the other who accepts it with open arms. I hope neither reappears in the F1 paddock, let alone get hired by Honda or Toyota...
    McLaren is no longer credible and Ferrari don't deserve to be handed titles off-track, by default. My big winner of this year is without doubt BMW Sauber: they've raced hard, progressed, and I hope they're in the hunt for next year's titles!