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  • IronMaiden_RuLeZ IronMaiden_RuLeZ Sep 16, 2007 08:45 Flag

    Hamilton the Half white/half Black F1 driver wont deserve to be crowned world champion

    Arman_a quote from another topic "Stepny, Coughlin, De La Rosa and Alonso should be all fined USD25million each for having knowledge and USING STOLEN MATERIAL"

    You seem a bit confused in your judgements Arman_a.

    Why should Mclaren be deemed as "inocents" while at the same time you admit that Coughlin, De La Rosa and Alonso had knowledge and USED STOLEN MATERIAL ?

    Just incase you didnt know(and i`m seriously starting to think that you dont have a clue who they are from what you wrote on the other topic): Coughlin = McLaren's chief engineer, De La Rosa = Mclaren`s test driver and Fernando Alonso = Mclaren`s race driver.

    Then again, I doubt that the woman that does dishwashing on Mclaren`s kitchen had any knowledge that the stolen material was baing used, but does that mean Mclaren are not guilty?

    Arman_a quote "Did FIA actually have proof that any actual parts of the McLaren car is the same as the Ferrari car? If not then McLaren should not be penalised"

    Seriously, this sentence really made me lough out loud :)
    Second to your logic here, the only way Mclaren would have cheated and deserved a punishment was if... Mclaren had used a stolen Ferrari race car(not just designs and other important data) had painted over the Red with SILVER, stick a Vodaphone banner on and Alonso had raced with it.