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    Email transcription form FIA.

    On 21 March 2007 at 09.57 Mr. de la Rosa wrote to Coughlan in the following terms:
    “Hi Mike, do you know the Red Car’s Weight Distribution? It would be important for us to know so that we could try it in the simulator. Thanks in advance, Pedro.
    p.s. I will be in the simulator tomorrow.”
    3.6 In his evidence given to the WMSC, Mr. de la Rosa confirmed that Coughlan replied by text message with precise details of Ferrari’s weight distribution.
    3.7 On 25 March 2007 at 01.43 Mr. de la Rosa sent an e-mail to Fernando Alonso
    which sets out Ferrari’s weight distribution to two decimal places on each of
    Ferrari’s two cars as set up for the Australian Grand Prix.
    3.8 Mr. Alonso replied to this e-mail on 25 March 2007 at 12.31 (they were in different time zones). His e-mail includes a section headed “Ferrari” in which he says “its weight distribution surprises me; I don’t know either if it’s 100% reliable, but at least it draws attention”. The e-mail continues with a discussion of how McLaren’s weight distribution compares with Ferrari’s.
    3.9 Mr. de la Rosa replied on 25 March 2007 13.02 stating the following:
    “All the information from Ferrari is very reliable. It comes from Nigel Stepney, their former chief mechanic – I don’t know what post he holds now. He’s the same person who told us in Australia that Kimi was stopping in lap 18. He’s very friendly with Mike Coughlan, our Chief Designer, and he told him that.”

    Nice these MCL people aren't they?

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