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  • IronMaiden_RuLeZ IronMaiden_RuLeZ Sep 15, 2007 00:55 Flag

    Email transcription form FIA.

    WHU did something dodgy and rightly so got punished about it. Was the penalty they got fair or too lenient? i`m not here to talk about football.

    But i still got the honesty to admit that the football team i support, did(try to) cheat... unlike you, who blindly, still thinks that McLaren are saints.

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    • THEY ARE SAINT'S. Nah seriously, B.E in an interview today said Mclaren were within a gnats bollock of being disqualified.
      Quite rightly he and others opposed it to be too harsh, me too.

      But they did wrong and have been punished. I'd still like to see Mclaren save face by sacking Alonso and PDLR. If not for cheating, then for being stupid enough to keep the evidence for so long.