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  • B2a B2a Sep 15, 2007 01:40 Flag

    Message to Ferrari...........


    ...........please do the honourable thing and NOT accept the 2007 FIA World F1 Constructors Championship trophy.

    It is tainted and is worthless - wait until 2008 and win it in the best way - on the track and put McLaren back where they belong.

    PS - I know they wont refuse the trophy this year and I know that all you 'blinkered' McLaren/Hamilton fans will now abuse me something cronic - but hey, F1 in 2007 already stinks so more 's**t' flying around wont matter!

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    • Yes it is tainted, but by McLaren.

      Why the hell should Ferrari not accept the title and the cash that comes with it? They have acted legitimately, they did not use 780 pages of stolen McLaren 2007 F1 information.

      It is Hamilton (or Alonso) who should not accept their title. It is a matter of fact that their team cheated and did use Ferrari information. Whether it made the difference or not, nobody knows, but bottom-line McLaren cheated and tainted this year's F1 championship.

      Besides dragging British fairplay and sportsmanship through the mud.

    • just becuase mclaren have had such a good year, its been good for sport and been good for the fans that are pi**eds off wiv #$%$ seasons were 1 team and one driver runs off wiv the prizes. Ferrari are like kids if they dont get there own way they act up to till they get what they want so if u what to support this go on but i promise you next year next year mclaren wiv kick ur #$%$ and all ur Ferrari fans know this so enjoy this momenet it will not happen for long time again.

    • I read the complete FIA judgement and Ferrari is just as guilt as McLaren is but got off scott free and gained a championship too. Go read the verdict and you will all see that it states that the action of a single individual within the team merited this punishment and fine for the whole team, which means that Ferrari should have the same dish searved to it as well. My views as a Ferrari fan from Seattle

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      • So what you are saying is that if an employee steals intellectual property (or any property) from his company and gives/sells this stolen property to another company, it is the company who has been robbed who should also be sanctioned?

        I can assure you that in no Court of Law in the civilised world is that the case. What kind of insane logic is this? The company that has been robbed is the injured party. What can it be guilty of, having a thief in its employment? Don't be ridiculous.

      • I'm also a Ferrari fan - or rather I WAS.
        All this just stinks of Ferrari throwing their teddies out of the cot because they weren't going to win the constructors championship - everyone knows spying goes on, whether it be the hiring of another team's personnel to gain the technical edge (something Ferrari are past masters at), or snooping down the pit-lane (something ALL teams do).
        In getting McLaren to admit listening in on Ferrari radio transmissions, Ferrari also had to admit that they too listen in on other teams for God's sake!
        I'm disgusted with Ferrari and will not follow them any more.

    • Luca (Ferrari Big Boss) whats his name said he will accept the title no matter how its handed to him... so there you go...

    • they deserve the constructors title..for one thing,,they have been cheated,,so the construction title and the money that goes with it,, is compensation. i am sure maclaren would not turn it down,,if the boot was on the other foot.