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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 17, 2007 07:35 Flag

    Message to Ferrari...........

    Maybe, just maybe, Mclaren and wonder boy wouldn't have had such a good season without Ferrari's unknown help, and for the guy who said Ferrari are also guilty, how does it work that having something stolen makes you as guilty as the thief, I'm glad I've never been burgled or I could be in prison, get real.

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    • To paraphrase Mr Churchill:- "Never before in the field of F1 has so much garbage been submitted to the message boards by so many with so little knowledge, intelligence and good manners". (The MotoGP on Sunday was really exciting to watch.)

    • Reuters: " I would have taken all the points away from Hamilton and Alonso on the grounds that there is a suspicion they had an advantage that they should not have had," said Mosley

      Isn't that ridiculous that you penalize and ban based on SUSPICION.. the above statement also implies that the McLaren Constructors points are taken away based on SUSPICION. In what court of law does SUSPICION makes you guilty?