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  • You logic is so flawed, yes Stepney apparently stole the goods and gave it to Coughlin but the analogy that says Ferrari should be fined is like fining you if one of your family steals your mobile phone and gives it to one of their mates. Should you be fined in court for one of your family stealing from YOU?
    Switch your brain on before you make half assed comments next time.

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    • I apologize if you've misunderstood my questions. My questions are seeking information, and trying to gain a better understanding. I don't understand why you've replied in such an emotional way. Obviously I've asked questions that threaten you in some way, which as I said before, was not my intent.
      Is there proof that Ron Dennis knew this was going on? Is there proof that McClaren used the information? This "spygate" happened well into the season when McClaren had already been winning races.
      I do understand your analogy, and yes, I would agree that it wouldn't be fair to punish me for some one else stealing my cell phone. However, is it fair to say the thief doesn't deserve punishment?
      It's great that such wonderful technolgy exists that allows people to exchange ideas and thoughts...it's just unfortunate that people like you utilize it to insult individuals as well as the forum instead of using it for open, positive discussion.