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  • Ajay Ajay Sep 16, 2007 05:31 Flag

    Help me understand?

    A very fair statement. I tend to agree that it should be the individuals that played a role in the espionage that should be punished.
    My reservation/concern lies in the area of the severity of punishment that team McClaren received was a blanket punishment that captured a lot of innocent people...the mechanics and support staff who likely had nothing to do with it. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    • I agree that the people who were involved in this should be the one's who get all the punishment. Unfortunately they were given immunity so the fia could'nt do anything. And that is why Mclaren paid the ultimate price, because the fia had to show Ferrari that they are diong something about it.

      As for Alonso and PDLR using the simulator, well they probably do have to run it by someone in authority before they can use it. But it would be quite easy to tell whoever that they were just trying something out on there, without actually giving the real reason. Afterall were all capable of telling someone one thing and doing another, just to get what we want.

      One more point i would like to put out on this forum. Is why is it that when someone wants to put their opinion forward, some twaty big mouthed know it all #$%$ has to start throwing insults around. lol.

      I know but iv'e had a few from here too. I had a good teacher you could say.

      We are all intitled to our opinions, and without other opinions, it would'nt be a very interesting forum would it now.