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  • arman a arman a Sep 16, 2007 04:56 Flag

    McLaren & Merc should just quit F1...then Ferrari can win all the time..

    My advice to Ron, just quit F1 and shut down McLaren...sell all the #$%$ets, give everyone abig bonus and retire. Why be in a sport where they just pick on you when everyone is doing the same thing at somepoint. Spying on sport is common, its done in football, cycling etc. Ferrari has done it. Can they actually proof that actual parts of the McLaren are the same as Ferrari...NO they cant. So what if emails and phone calls are made between drivers and technicians...does this actually translates into actual parts? The people who had the documents and was involved in the sms and calls should be banned and fine...yes including both De La Rosa and Aloso..

    Quit F1 Ron, then Ferrari can win all the insignificant titles forever...in fact all 22 cars on the grid should just be Ferrari...and still be known as #$%$ cars on the road..only nice to look at but #$%$ to drive and maintain. Porsche are not in F1 anymore but still make great all round cars. Mercs are way better then any Fiat, BMW's or Renault anyway. Mercs can survive without F1, but F1 cannot without McLaren and Mercs.

    Alonso needs to learn about being a team player, biting the hand that feeds you is very ungrateful and selfish act. Total act of betrayal. Lewis you better kick his #$%$, stupid backwater spanish.

    Max Mosley and FIA is full of #$%$, the next time they accuse another team of spying they better slap the 100million fine. It might bankrupt some teams but what do FIA care...they want 22 Ferrari's on the grid anyways.

    Ferrari#$%$ Max#$%$, FIA=Stupid, Alonso#$%$#$%$&stupid

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    • Alonso did not voluntee the email. It was Ron who told Max, who in turn demanded Alonso to produce his emails under threat of taking away his superlicense. It was Ron who bite his own #$%$!! BTW, it was Lewis who disobeyed team orders that started this whole mess. Talk about team player.

    • That would be giving Ferrari what they want. Mclaren aint like that.
      If they go a few seasons without doing well, they keep at it, work hard, with that famous word that has been banded about, integrity. Yes integrity, for all ferrari fans, explaination for the word integrity.

      Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
      The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
      The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

      Which is something Ferrari sadly miss out on.

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      • This is a nice conversation that Max Mosley had over the phone with Ms Integrity(Ron Dennis). You`ll find it very interesting Scratch.

        The McLaren team boss said that after a heated conversation with Alonso in Hungary he phoned Mosley telling him that Alonso had information. However, half an hour later Alonso's manager told Dennis the information was "a load of old rubbish."

        Dennis promptly phoned Mosley again, passing on the message. However Mosley only remembers one phone call.

        "On the morning of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Ron rang me and he said, 'I've just had Alonso in the motorhome and he says he's got information and he's threatening to give it to the Federation," he told ITV.

        "So I said, 'What did you say Ron?' He replied, 'I said 'go on and hand it over'.

        "I said, 'Ron, you said exactly the right thing.'

        "And then Ron said, 'But there isn't any information.'

        "So I said, 'So it's an empty threat?'

        "And he replied: 'Yes, a completely empty threat. There's no information, there's nothing to come out; I can assure you that if there was something, Max, I would have told you.'"

        Mosley also expressed his disappointment that someone he has known for roughly 40 years could mislead him about the truth in such a serious matter.

        "Now this was a week after looking me in the eye in the World Council and telling me there was absolutely nothing wrong and everybody had done exactly as they should do, so I believed him," he continued.

        "I've known Ron for 40 years; it's very difficult for me, when somebody I've known for 40 years looks me in the eye and says, 'Max, I'm telling the truth with complete sincerity' - you believe him.

        "It was only when I got the list from the Italian police [showing] 323 SMS phone calls going over a three-month period between Coughlan and Stepney, [that I concluded] there had to be more to this.

        "You don't get 300 messages arranging a visit to Honda. This is something serious.

        "At which point I sat down and wrote the letter to the drivers, and the rest is history."

    • arman a = moron.

      Because FA steps up and tells the truth he isn't a team player. What happened to honesty in sport? You probably don't even know what the word means.

    • More cracked and mindless logic. Porsche are not in F1 anymore because they chose to concentrate on gt racing and anyway their record in F1 is not so good.
      To call Ferrari crap is just evidence of a small mind.
      F1 can survive without Mclaren just as it would survive without Ferrari. Other teams have come and gone, Auto Union, Maserati, Lotus, BRM, Lamborghini, Cooper, Hesketh and others, F1 did not turn over and die.
      IF Mclaren are innocent time will prove that in court, If they do not appeal the most likely reason is because they are not innocent.

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      • Read abit of history, Porsches did win the F1 when they were engine suppliers. They left because there was nothing left to prove, and any one could beat a Ferrari for 21 years. All the team metioned were small teams without real money thats why they died out. Ferrari also would have died a long time ago if not for FIAT. Trust me if McLaren/Merc left F1 today, F1 would not be the same... Is Ferrari that desperate...they are...the small mind is yours...have u ever owned a Ferrari or a Porsche? I have..