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  • Scratch Scratch Sep 16, 2007 06:50 Flag

    McLaren & Merc should just quit F1...then Ferrari can win all the time..

    That would be giving Ferrari what they want. Mclaren aint like that.
    If they go a few seasons without doing well, they keep at it, work hard, with that famous word that has been banded about, integrity. Yes integrity, for all ferrari fans, explaination for the word integrity.

    Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
    The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
    The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

    Which is something Ferrari sadly miss out on.

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    • This is a nice conversation that Max Mosley had over the phone with Ms Integrity(Ron Dennis). You`ll find it very interesting Scratch.

      The McLaren team boss said that after a heated conversation with Alonso in Hungary he phoned Mosley telling him that Alonso had information. However, half an hour later Alonso's manager told Dennis the information was "a load of old rubbish."

      Dennis promptly phoned Mosley again, passing on the message. However Mosley only remembers one phone call.

      "On the morning of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Ron rang me and he said, 'I've just had Alonso in the motorhome and he says he's got information and he's threatening to give it to the Federation," he told ITV.

      "So I said, 'What did you say Ron?' He replied, 'I said 'go on and hand it over'.

      "I said, 'Ron, you said exactly the right thing.'

      "And then Ron said, 'But there isn't any information.'

      "So I said, 'So it's an empty threat?'

      "And he replied: 'Yes, a completely empty threat. There's no information, there's nothing to come out; I can assure you that if there was something, Max, I would have told you.'"

      Mosley also expressed his disappointment that someone he has known for roughly 40 years could mislead him about the truth in such a serious matter.

      "Now this was a week after looking me in the eye in the World Council and telling me there was absolutely nothing wrong and everybody had done exactly as they should do, so I believed him," he continued.

      "I've known Ron for 40 years; it's very difficult for me, when somebody I've known for 40 years looks me in the eye and says, 'Max, I'm telling the truth with complete sincerity' - you believe him.

      "It was only when I got the list from the Italian police [showing] 323 SMS phone calls going over a three-month period between Coughlan and Stepney, [that I concluded] there had to be more to this.

      "You don't get 300 messages arranging a visit to Honda. This is something serious.

      "At which point I sat down and wrote the letter to the drivers, and the rest is history."

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      • I saw the interview, and accept what was said. But there are so many versions of the truth going around. The last bit should interest you ironmaiden.

        "For the avoidance of doubt, Ron Dennis told me on the Sunday of the Hungarian Grand Prix that notwithstanding an exchange with Fernando Alonso there was no information held by anyone within the McLaren team which might cast doubt on the World Motor Sport Council decision of 26th July. He confirmed to me this afternoon that he did indeed say this and I entirely accept that he believed it to be true at that time."

      • ...seems to me that mr. alonso had a convenient case of integrity when he was getting his butt kicked by a younger, less experienced teammate...over 300 messages, hmmm, i'm thinking they didn't all happen over a weeks time...

        ...sorry, ferdy, that thing looming over your shoulder is your own ego...mr. hamilton is already flat out up the road...