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  • arman a arman a Sep 16, 2007 06:06 Flag

    McLaren & Merc should just quit F1...then Ferrari can win all the time..

    Read abit of history, Porsches did win the F1 when they were engine suppliers. They left because there was nothing left to prove, and any one could beat a Ferrari for 21 years. All the team metioned were small teams without real money thats why they died out. Ferrari also would have died a long time ago if not for FIAT. Trust me if McLaren/Merc left F1 today, F1 would not be the same... Is Ferrari that desperate...they are...the small mind is yours...have u ever owned a Ferrari or a Porsche? I have..

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    • Owned them, driven them and raced them. Porsche are brilliant GT constructors. By the way i have also owned Mercs and they have been good cars so i am not in favour or against any manufacturer of cars. I just cannot stand by whilst the raving anti-Italian morons exhibit their parochial narrow mindedness.
      Anyone who believes that Auto Union (AUDI in modern parlance) and teams such as Maserati, Lotus and even Alfa Romeo (not mentioned in the first list) were small teams is missing the point. They all won Grand Pix races and plenty of them, and they all in a number of ways contributed to the developement of racing culminating in todays F1 circus.
      I note that Ron Dennis has said today that McLaren want closure and will probably therefore not appeal against the penalties. Where does that put the people calling Ferrari cheats? It is almost a tacit admission that people within the McLaren organization were using this data even if Ron Dennis was not aware of this, and therefore potentially McLaren benefitted from this knowledge. I note Alonso was jeered at todays race also.

    • I hope u just owned a porche, cos I dont think u have the IQ to drive one or are old enough to hold a license..

      I guess you are one of the #$%$ who actually belive that Lewis Hamilton is the second son of #$%$!@!!!

    • Oh boy, we should bow down to your Truth cause you have owned race cars...superb way to try to make your point here...

      I read other threads of yours and your comments are often contradictory...

      Yea, Minardi, Jordan, Lotus, are teams that won GPs, better than today's toro rossos, red bulls or spyker, in many ways better than honda. Those teams brought drivers like Schumi Senna and others to the scene... not McLaren

      But coming up with those arguments about Porsche etc is SO OFF TOPIC...i cant believe some have actually tried to discuss it with you...ferrari are hard cars to maintain, mercs are better than any Fiats? in what world are you in? we are talking about an F1 team having a spy in another team!!! not about the consumer car market !!!

      Stupid backwater spanish about Alonso? he fought his way in a team that clearly didnt treat him like a double world champ but on equal level of care as a rookie? the rookie was the one to discard team orders during quali for his own benefit...rookie is the one who has elbowed his way on turn 1 a few times this season yet he #$%$ about his teammate twice during interviews...actually hasnt stopped talking #$%$ about a double world champ...i dont remember Senna being so arrogant... not Prost, nor Hill, nor anyone...

      And yes the 100 million isnt so much for McLaren but at least no other team is ever going to play that stupid game because it would put them out of business, McLaren is just happy to be one of the richest out there...so yes, the FIA is sending a message to everyone out there, not for the benefit of Ferrari but for the benefit of everyone.

      Your whole post is baseless and i cant believe i took the time to reply to this...