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  • arman a arman a Sep 16, 2007 17:53 Flag

    And nobody has #$%$ slapped Alonso why?

    Beacuse he got Big Daddy MAX FIA to protect him with a big bat!

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    • thing is in all this i believe in ron dennis integrity, the emails relaesed have shown that it was alonso and de le rosa who were conspiring and using the inofrmation for possible gain, so why on earth not punish them imunity or not because there acts have been prejudical to the sporting intrest

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      • Sorry but I don't think that you have a clue what you are talking about.
        Have you read those emails?
        Don't you realise that the in-Famous emails date from March?.
        And of course poor little Hamilton wouldn't have had any benefit from the Ferrari technical dossier, would he now? Which, incidentally, is the whole point, and not the emails themselves. Dad Hamilton would have stopped Mclaren using that information to improve his little boy´s car, right? I don't think so.
        First things first, before making a statement it's a good idea to pick up some information here and there.
        And by the way about Ron´s integrity, I don´t think any of this is about honesty or integrity, it's business. If somebody came into my office tomorrow with a dossier about the activitities of my competitors, I would certainly buy it. So I think that this is a law and order affair, about copy rights more than about FIA the knight in the shining armour saving the world of F1.