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    Why is Ferrari satisfied?

    If Mclaren lose all their constructors points, why didn't the drivers lose a single point?

    Before anyone tries to complicate things, it is very simple. I reckon if Mclaren gained benefit as a team and that's why it had all its points stripped, the drivers got that same benefit. Hamilton and Alonso drove Mclaren-supplied cars. Does that not imply that they had an unfair edge over Massa and Raikkonen in the drivers' championship?

    Anyway, I don't read about Ferrari being #$%$ off about this. They bloody well should be! This is a half-verdict that hands Mclaren the drivers' titile. The drivers title is the one that everyone remembers and Ferrari have no hope winning that.

    Why is Ferrari "satisfied" with this verdict? They should be going to the wall to defend their drivers!

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    • The drivers were'nt punished because they were offered immunity. So what ever happened, Alonso & PDLR were always going to walk away scot free. I'm a Mclaren fan and i also think they should have been punished.

      But without all the co-operation from the drivers concerned, Ferrari would'nt have had a case.

      Hamilton on the other hand, i believe he was innocent in all this, i also believe Ron Dennis was too.

      The two drivers connected with this are the ones who should be punished.

      But that's my opinion, right or wrong.

    • Ferrari satisfied because they dont care about their drivers, they care only that McLaren pay up and they have hit on McLaren the company, hoping that next year that the McLaren cars will be not up to par with all the FIA intrusions. No matter what they do this year Ferrari have very small chance of winning both titles... best way is find fault with McLaren any which way... well now Ferrari got a title, so they are satisfied...

      If Ferrari was slap with that kind of fine they would have to run and cry to FIAT for money...

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      • Just in case you missed what all this is about, McLaren cheated then lied, Moseley is now saying Dennis looked him in the eye and lied!
        Ferrari only took the same steps as McLaren would have done if the case were reversed. Ferrari are satisfied because they are now seeing justice done which wasn't the case previously in their view.
        I'm not a Ferrari fan but just try to balance the number of McLaren bigots who get on here and think McLaren have got off light in the circumstances
        So what if Ferrari ran to Fiat for money, McLaren won't run off to Mercedes then?