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  • Richard F Richard F Sep 16, 2007 18:02 Flag

    Why is Ferrari satisfied?

    Just in case you missed what all this is about, McLaren cheated then lied, Moseley is now saying Dennis looked him in the eye and lied!
    Ferrari only took the same steps as McLaren would have done if the case were reversed. Ferrari are satisfied because they are now seeing justice done which wasn't the case previously in their view.
    I'm not a Ferrari fan but just try to balance the number of McLaren bigots who get on here and think McLaren have got off light in the circumstances
    So what if Ferrari ran to Fiat for money, McLaren won't run off to Mercedes then?

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    • have not read, McLaren wont ask Mercedes or their sponsors for any money! They have no debt and have enuff money to support all circumstances. We are not bigots we are just fans, bigot are those who pick on ones skin color. Truth is there are more Ferrari fans out there but most of them know the truth and how F1 works!

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      • Many Ferrari fans maybe and many that are as bigoted as some McLaren fans and for the record being bigoted has nothing to do with colour, have a look in the dictionary, if you know how to use one.
        It's just as well McLaren have lots of money they won't mind writing the cheque for cheating and telling lies will they!