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    My conspiracy theory

    I want to come from a different angle in this whole spygate scandal.we have got two guys here, one steals Ferrari technical data ( Stepney) and one receives it,( Coughlan) and gives it to two Spanish drivers he considers his friends(because they have worked together for a long time) Pedro de la Rosa (who feels he should be McLaren's second driver instead of the rookie englishman) and Fernando Alonso the crybaby who has been complaining all season that Ron Dennis is favouring the rookie englishman over him because he is English. so what the two drivers drivers did was use the stolen information or at least test it in the simulator and when the scandal came out in the open, Alonso knowing that McLaren where going to find out about the emails between Coughlan and his fellow Spaniard and knowing that they had done this without McLaren's blessing,(and as a way of getting back at Ron for not backing him as the Main driver) deciced to volunteer the information about the emails in return for immunity and not being thrown out of the drivers championship. and to protect himself from being punished by McLaren, he goes on a press conference and says that he expects to be treated the same, i.e that there should not be any consequences to him. he is backed by Max Moseley/FIA when he said that if Alonso is punished then McLaren would be dragged to Paris. My conclusion is that Ron Dennis did not know about any of this nonsense because if he did, and since he is supposedly favouring Hamilton,surely he would have made sure that Hamilton benefitted. but as we know Hamilton is not involved. From the hard facts we know who the three culprits or four are. Stepney,Coughlan,De La Rosa and Alonso in that order

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    • I agrree with the sentiment of this post, but we the fans will never know the truth or depth of all this.

      I have been a fan of F1 for many years....my hero was and still is Jim Clark. He would still show his exhaust to the likes of Shumacher in a red ferrari. Hamilton is the best thing to have happened to the sport and they know it. He is a racer like Stirling Moss said.

      Ferrari have only built up a bad karma for themselves and it is already coming home to haunt them.
      Yet they persist...did I read on this site that they said the Macleren drivers should have gone too, because they have a Ferrari under the bonnet ?
      I think the world would have packed its bags on this season and gone home. All teams "spy" and learn from each other and always have. This has seroisly damaged the sport and will spoil the 2008 season. it needs a strong man to steer them all out of this to save the reputation of the sport.

    • Quality. Just about sums it all up.

      The added benefit to Coughlan and Stepney was that they were both planning on going to another team. With a big packet of Ferrari set up info under their desks they would have seemed like geniuses.

      Of course Ferrari probably suspect all of this but instead of quietly and honourably dealing with it with McLaren they have decided to do as much damage as possible to their main rivals. What they have done is to help drag F1 into the gutter by being disingenuous. I genuinely feel sorry for the Ferrari engineers who's hard work was handed out, allegedly, by one of their own, to a competitor engineer. Unfortunatly, I don't believe the motives for this are not what Ferrari wish they where.
      It's greedy people not a greedy team that we should worry about. Teams have too much pride, teams want to beat the best by being the best. Simple really.

    • Where has the thread gone????????

    • Here's a wild theory: Ferrari is doing a favor for McLaren in buying the rest Alonso's contract using the $100M fine? In a way, McLaren didn't lose out that much, the money will be returned to them. This would help them let go of Alonso because he's a pain from their team? That's why McLaren didn't appeal. Just a crazy theory. haha :)

    • Good to see the conspiracy theory is gathering some momentum here. Does it not strike anyone as being a bit odd that the Spanish brat didn’t alert everyone one he got the very first email/sms/fax/whatever; why did he ‘store’ so many before bringing it to anyone’s attention???????

      Could McLaren not do their own internal investigation into the Spaniard and sink him like the armada by not giving him a ride for the rest of this pending the outcome of their own enquiry? Hey, it’s not sportsman-like I know, but who gives a $##$%. Spike his wheel the same way he has done to his team, his sponsors and his employers. Works for me!

    • Its a good point but wouldn't that be gross misconduct on Alonso's behalf resulting in isntant dismisal? It would be for any of us in a job.

    • Thanks to the ruling from the WMSC, and the threats from FIA McLaren are restricted from properly correcting the situation. What is the proper correction? Termination of ALL staff (INCLUDING DRIVERS!) that knowingly transmitted, shared, or used the information in any way.

      Sure, Coughlan has been suspended. But De la Rosa and Alonso are being protected by the FIA. Sounds like an American Union is running F1. "You can't fire my guy for industrial espionage because he ratted himself out." Both men admitted their role, for whatever reason, publicly. The should be sacked.

      I'm a McLaren fan, and must admit I'm ashamed of what has happened this season. But I do believe Mr. Dennis when he says he had no knowledge of the information before July 3.

    • nice one couldent be closer if you tried.im woundering were farrire in on this after all thay were loseing this season and lets face it thay love to play dirty and moneys not a problem for them i would love it to be invesagated close up from inderpent eq

    • Just a thought about the role of Bridgestone in this fiasco....it seems most of the setup information was to enable MacLaren, previous Michelin runners, to get the most from Bridgestone tyres.
      Last years Michelin runners have all pretty much struggled to get the understanding of how to use the Bridgestone rubber this year - Renault where are you????
      Going to 1 supplier was FIA (ferrari insider association) decision - as the 'special' relationship between them is well documented. Surely for fairness - Bridgestone are obliged to come to all teams with some information as to setup!!! even if that data had been acquired with Ferrari.
      Now if MacLaren had not been sent the dossier and were running like all other previous Michelin runners - what would the WCC and WDC look like..?

      RED RED RED and more damn RED...!!!!

      There is more than 1 conspiracy out there and guess who is manipulating all of it until Stepney decided enough was enough - good on the guy.....at least we have something to watch and they need to remember that this is a TV and spectator sport not one any of us can actually compete in......

    • titi...you got it in one!!!!

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