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    Help me understand? - Version II


    Why oh why are there people on here that STILL think McLaren have been hard done by??

    It has been proven - no question, and they have been punished. End of.

    If it had been the other way around - people would be calling for Ferrari's blood for doing the same thing. Seems to me that in most peoples eyes Ferrari can do no right - OK they are not little angels either, but all they have done is fight for justice in what is rightfully theirs.

    Would we be making all this fuss if it wasn't for the fact of a certain 'new' British driver being involved?? I doubt it.

    By the way - how many times did we have to see him being interview before the Belgium race today??

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    • No its only been proven that 3 people at mclaren knew about the ferrari info - couglen, pedro del arosa and fernando alonso. In fact it was Ron Dennis himself who blew the whistle to the FIA as soon as he found out when alonso told him about the emails and texts and tried to use the infoto blackmail dennis to get out of his contract.
      Also the FIA say mclaren are held responsable even if it is only one employee so in their own rules the FIA should also punish Ferrari to some extent because it was one of their employees that started the whole thing off and brought the sport into disrupte but Max the Red would never do that even if over half the paddock are saying he should!!!!!
      And the latest news is even though it is mathically impossible -now mclaren have had the points removed- for Ferrari to lose the constructors championship he wont except it in case mclaren appeal -which would be heard before the Japanese gp- so why is that then- isnt he 100% sure the truth has come out or is he worried about something else coming to light?????

    • This "new" British driver seemed to claim he was not involved. He had no email to produce as evidence when asked by the FIA.