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  • PETER PETER Sep 18, 2007 09:32 Flag

    Appalling Evidence for all you McLaren fans

    Unbeleivable, how many Ferarri #$%$ are on this page. Even big Max says they MAY have benefited. Glad he doesn't wear a white wig in a court in Britain, he would hang you first then ask questions later. Ron Dennis has told them time and time again, feel free to check the cars. I don't care how many people have read this document., check the cars. KR says they used to listen to Ferrari radio when he was at Mclaren, if so why has he escaped punishment, oops sorry he's at Ferrari now. I'll bet he hasn't told anything to Ferrari about his time at Mclaren, (bull). Mclaren should appeal. Ferrari did nothing but cheat with MS. and don't dare argue over him, all the cheating is on film, and whats the worst he got, considering he could easily have killed someone. naff all, why he drove Ferrari.