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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 1, 2007 05:23 Flag

    Appalling Evidence for all you McLaren fans

    you have to be pro ferrari thats all i can say blind and stupid.If you read the scripts from the meetings they had when discusing all the issues you have raised it was between michael, david, bernie, max and a team of stewards with a little team input. If you think bernie is in mclarens pocket you must be deaf too he is all the way ferrari check his comments before they even got to fuji, he like you is very pro ferrari.
    If mclaren were using ferrari parts how come they were faster than ferrari aye ......

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    • How very naive of you to think that Ferrari or for that matter any current F1 team has not or will not in the future be privy to constructional details of other team’s cars.
      It has been going on for decades and will continue to do so .

    • So in that respect - in your 'blind stupid' world - Ferrari knew the information had been sent to McLaren and they should have just accepted it??

      McLaren got punished for being in reciept of stolen property - just like you and I would be if we had a nicked DVD player.

      ALL Ferari have done is to stand up for they believe to be right.............and what do they get? Idiots like you saying they are wrong............