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  • reefed reefed Sep 18, 2007 01:16 Flag

    Has the FIA Verdict ruined F1's credibility?

    Frankly, yes.

    McLaren knowingly received stolen Ferrari Intellectual Property. And when I say 'McLaren', Coughlan also represents McLaren, he is not just an 'employee' as Mclaren keep stating - he was Chief Designer and not the tea-lady.

    Whether they used this info or not is irrelevant. This is a serious violation, this is plain CHEATING, unsporting behaviour, un-British and they should have been kicked out of 2007. The RAC should have kicked them out!

    McLaren then stated that although they had this stolen information they did not use it. What a load of #$%$, its like saying that its OK to nick somebody's diamond ring as long as you don't wear it.

    Despite all the denials by McLaren that they were not aware what Coughlan was up to, and that they definitely did not use this information, we now learn for a FACT that not only did they all know about this, but they used and discussed its content and detail - confirmed in hundreds of text messages, emails and phone calls.

    And nothwithstanding all this, the FIA dont touch the drivers?! Are they scared of ruining F1 2007, don't they realise that no matter what it is already ruined. At least let us walk away with some sort of credibility.

    Of course this championship is tainted, what planet is Lewis living on. He can bury his head in the sand all he likes, however bottom-line, his team cheated and he forms part of this team. His team used Ferrari information in their simulator and as a benchamark, and he is part of this team. His team used Ferrari weight-positioing information, and he is part of this team. His team planned the Australian GP knowing that Raikonnen would refuel on the 18th lap, and he is part of this team. Hamilton's team cheated and had an unfair advantage on Ferrari.

    He can say that this championship is not tainted until the cows come home, but bottom-line is the whole world knows what happened.

    This has not only disgarced McLaren, but British sport in general. And instead of making bloody excuses we should come clean, call a spade a spade, and put this behind us. Hamilton's attitude does not help. He is undoubtedly an INCREDIBLE driver, a true champion, even if 2007 is/was screwed up. And more than anybody else, he should 'champion' the campaign at giving F1 back the credibility that it has lost.

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    • I have a simple question

      Why is one team guilty of receiving secrets and another team innocent of passing them? They both involved individuals acting without the knowledge of their teams (or so we are led to believe). Surely it takes two parties in a transfer of information.

      I really hope that this isn't the beginning of a dirty off track World Championship


    • FIA ???? should be called FAD - Ferrari Admin Department.

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      • merlin,you must hate the red cars very much...but still if we reverse the situation...ferrari leading the championship,found guilty of the crime stripped off of championship and fined a handsome amount of $100million you'd still be furious at ferrari...so,i was thinking if thats the situation,where the heck would they place themselves?they were the one stolen of the confidential stuff,the rest of the teams were cheated and fooled yet your still furiously mad at them...this is crazy!!

    • Nice post mate.

      I doubt Hamilton & Ron Dennis wasnt aware of the Ferrari dossier and i doubt that Ferrari data was used from Coughlan, De La Rossa and Alonso only. While Coughlan was found in possesion of the dossier to me it seems that only De La Rossa and Alonso had the balls to come forward and confess, and just because the rest of Mclaren(in particular Ron Dennis & Hamilton) still maintain that they knew nothing and they have not used Ferrari Intellectual Property, it doesnt mean its true.

      In my opinion, both drivers & constructors championships are tainted. Yes, it was Mclaren`s fault, but still no matter what Ferrari says, they know this year's constructors title is tainted.

      Since the FIA verdict, i`ve changed my mind many times now as to what would have been the ideal punishment for Mclaren in the best interest of the sport. And the latest personal opinion is that:

      FIA should have squared the points between Mclaren and Ferrari in both Drives and Constructors championship and still fine Mclaren 100$ million.

      This way, we would have had a 4 race grand finale between Ferrari and Mclaren in Constructors and 4 drivers fighting for the Drivers title starting with the same amount of points with 4 races to go.