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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 18, 2007 20:07 Flag

    Points taken away based on SUSPICION.....

    Oh my goodness! I can't believe you have an illogical logic. McLaren is in possession of something that does not belong to them and the fact that they have learned an opponent's plans and techniques. What have they done with the documents? Labeled it as rubbish? Oh common, you can think better! I suppose?

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    • Everyone is saying McLaren was in possession of these documents...it was Coughan (or what ever his name is) that was found to have them at home...nothing has been proven that they were ever at the factory, Ron Dennis actually knew about them and nothing was found on the car...yes I suppose McLaren had to be penalized in some way by association but I think the FIA went too far...but everyone knows Mosley doesn't like Ron Dennis and he is a Ferrari man through and through also I think it is wrong that Ferrari gained quite a lot by it all...scrap this years constructor and drivers championship, that way no one gains anything