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  • Richard F Richard F Sep 18, 2007 20:38 Flag

    Points taken away based on SUSPICION.....

    "Surely Ferrari should be punished too, because one employee, Stepney, handed secret info to an non-authorised person."

    just so I can be sure what you are saying.... Let's say soemone you trust, comes into your house steals something from you and gives it to someone else, that makes you guilty of something and you should be punished does it?
    "This info was LEAKED by a Ferrari employee, not stolen by a McLaren employee".
    Is not Coughlan guilty of receiving stolen goods?

    Coughlan and Stepney should go to jail. ( or they may end up dangling under Blackfriars bridge)

    McLaren disqualified from the 2007 championship. This would move everyone up the pecking order and the more modest teams you talk of get a bigger slice of the pie.
    Yes it would mean Ferrari get more money but i bet if it were Williams instead of Ferrari in that position it would be perfectly acceptable.

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    • "If it were Williams instead of Ferrari"... in the championship? I'd love that, thank you. Yes, it would seem more acceptable, because a team involved - who may even have a role in this gag - doesn't inherit the championship.

      McLaren isn't credible anymore, but Ferrari doesn't deserve to win titles by default like this. Neither will make unanimous winners: one may have cheated and the other may have set it all up in the first place. This is all too confusing, something that seems to make sense in this affair stated simply just doesn't make sense anymore (Ferrari punishment). Ultimately, we just don't know how grave all this is. No-one does, except Stepney, Coughlan, Dennis and Todt.

      What we do know is, that all four of them are to blame for screwing up a championship which was so promising. "Scrap the championship", I've read on these forums. I'd prefer seeing both McLaren and Ferrari banned, let's try BMW Sauber for champions - which (back to the racing) makes sense, because they've made great progress.