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  • Greg Greg Sep 18, 2007 07:25 Flag

    Max Mosley

    How much money do you suppose Farrari is paying Max Mosley to bad mouth McLaren and it's drivers, and isn't it about time that Max Mosley is removed from his position at the FIA based on his years of incompetence and bias?

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    • Don't be daft Dave....there is no way we will be able to get hold of his e-mail address....would be nice though wouldn't it...can you imagine the amount of e-mails he would get

    • Regret to say have never had any time for anyone called Mosley more so when you take into consideration the background of the family........'blackshirts' all. That could explain the support he gives to the Prancing Horse......

      Anyway, a plague on the man and the Fia.....let Bernie run F1 he knows how to generate the 'loot' and that is what matters in motor racing not a failed lawyer with a ubwelcome family history.

    • On what do you base your statement?
      On pure bias? or have you read any of the evidence?
      have you sat through the hours of disgusting testimonies on thursday? if you are not disgusted at what has been taking place all season long then you are ignorant of what went on.

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      • I am not saying that Mosley should be removed based on just this spying event. If you have following F1 for more than a few years you would know what I am talking about. Over the years Ferrari has been found to be running illegal parts on their cars and they receive no penalties. Remember the bit about team orders, the moving underbody of their cars, the rear-wing separator, bargeboards, etc., the list goes on and go back for decades. Mosley and the FIA, under his direction, refused to do anything, but as soon as it is Ferrari complaining all hell breaks out. So Mclaren had documents from Ferrari, do the documents themselves give a F1 car and unfair advantage, NO! Do illegal parts, YES!