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  • John D John D Sep 18, 2007 21:48 Flag

    2007 Drivers crown : is it gonna be Red, Silver or spoiled ?

    2007 Drivers crown : Is it gonna be Red, Silver or Spoiled ?

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    • I did n't say I disliked Senna, Prost or Hill; (all great drivers at ONE POINT in GP history) merely pointing out the way GP has gone in recent years. Hamilton will become one of your 'legends' because of 10 years of coaching and the riches of Mclaren/Mercedes. GP grid position now is directly proportional to the finances behind the team - unless a driver shows real guts and skill beyond the technical ability/finance of his car's/teams systems. The likes of Sutil although showing great potential will not become a 'legend' unless he can follow the money. There's obviously passion about F1 out there - great - but when you read messages here commenting about a driver's colour or his relegion (check the boards) and every other message is full of insults and swearing - ?????
      I'll watch the next races from red lights off to checkered flag avoiding the pre race hype (Mark Blundell did n't quite make it to 'legend') and probably enjoy it as much as you - but maybe for different reasons. Sadly the TV cameras may not concentrate on all the important bits.
      Each to his own (opinion) and free to express it!.

    • GO moan elsewhere if you dont like F1...tired of you grouches telling us this sport is flawed by the likes of SENNA??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

      You dont like SENNA, PROST? Hill or even Schumi then F off

      There are people like you who occasionally come here to moan and tell us F1 is #$%$...we dont care about what you think, you are wasting your time here and ours as a matter of fact (im actually copying the response of someone else to someone that posts messages such as yours)
      Go to the Indy or Nascar boards if you dont like F1
      Some pilots and engineers work days and nights to make their cars the best the world has seen...cheating or no cheating...many of us here will still watch the next races and the next seasons
      Many of us here are Prost or Senna or Hill fans, you dont like them then get out of here and im staying polite
      it may be alright to trash what has gone on, or the behaviour of some pilots of the 2007 season but dont you come and trash the legends this sport has brought,
      and still if you dont like the 4 leaders there are still 18 other pilots who start every race and that so it with their hearts, there are paddocks full of people dedicated to make the best of what they got

    • Reasons not to care:-. My memory may have failed but I do n't remember Jimmy Clark, Graham Hill or John Surtees trying to force each other off the road a la Schumi/Prost, Schumi/ Hill (the younger) Senna/Prost, Hamilton/Massa etc. Also once upon a time the colours cars carried meant and represented something other than global organisation's money and their 'cancer sticks'.
      As for Hamilton spending hours in Mclaren's million dollar simulator (the one where they probably tested Ferrari's brake balance - ho ho ) learning a circuit and then proudly professing in his comments to go out to Fuji or wherever and be able to quickly 'learn' the circuit - who's he trying to kid?

    • Unlinked to recent events, it could be either Red or Silver (at this time, any of the top 4 drivers can still mathematically make it:
      - going by probability (frequency of podiums), Hamilton might still become the first (?) crowned rookie,
      - if the experience can make the difference then Alonso is a serious candidate to his third title,
      - if his technology was finally to work for him then Raikkonen will service an “ice”,
      - becoming less unlucky, Massa could play the biggest surprise…

      Now, back to recent crap, no doubt this crown will be more or less tainted with no regular taste!

      If I’d have to pick up a name, I will go to Hamilton just to balance against Ferrari team title and bring some fresh and “innocent (?)” youth to F1 world next year…

      Hopping that those guys will now play it by the rules on the “tarmac”, offer an intense driver show and flush all this court drama!