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  • Sainz Sainz Sep 19, 2007 05:40 Flag

    Should Alonso out of MacLeran

    Looks like Alonso is the trouble maker in MacLeran. He's not qualified to be No 1 driver in MacLeran.

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    • Alonso has done NOTHING to endear himself to any true fans of F1, His actions are those of a spoiled child who cannot get his own way. He was involved in the Spying contoversy, even going as far as to try and blackmail Ron Dennis into giving him preferential treatment within the team (Mclaren have ALWAYS been totally even handed with all drivers, there is never an advantage given to either side of the garage). For Alonso to join Mclaren, knowing of this policy, then spending the rest of the season trying to undernmine this policy, whilst at the same time, involving himself in thoroughly unsporting behaviour is Totally unbecoming of a World Champion. Alonso has proved beyond all doubt that he is not now, nor ever will be a worthy ambassador for the sport. The day he is dismissed by Mclaren cannot come soon enough.

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      • Read this:-
        "Alonso has two years still to run on his McLaren contract and, given the alleged state of his relationship with team boss Ron Dennis, it is not inconceivable that the Spaniard could be sidelined rather than allowed to go to another team"...Alonso has said "next year there is an important change in the rules. All the electronic aids are prohibited and it will be a season in which one must compete. Not only is traction control being removed, also the braking aids." I hope Ron Dennis does sideline him, hopefully it would f**k Alonso up...I'd say it's payback time

    • i think alonso is the victim. i think he had been quiet all the time bcoz he didn't say much to defend himself or fight back. n i dont think all those rumours n critics came out from his mouth. or if it so, the meaning of his words could be misinterpreted intentionally by some reporters or critics. i dont know how true those rumours and critics are. he had to face all those critics quietly and concentrate in his driving without bad mouthing anyone in his team. i dont know if alonso should leave mclaren, but if he leave, mayb it is good for him. it is better for him to go to another team that appreciates his effort and talent but not staying at a team that does not believe in him and listen to all those rumours and critics that hurt him deeply.

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      • Good lord, he's a racing driver not a ballet dancer. He is in a team whether he likes it or not. There is too much ego going on here. If you are the best and believe it then you don't need to be pampered, you just get on with it.

        I just can't imagine Ron Dennis going about the pit lane muttering "Oh darling you were magnificent". So having said that, for his sake and the teams, he should leave and go to a more suitable team like Renault who are obviously keen on this sort of thing.

        But if he can get out, who do McLaren replace him with?

      • God sake, it was alonso and pedro that were sharing emails and after reading the restricted manuscript is why they ended up getting fined so much.i would love to see alonso dropped he is such a baby and needs his dad to fight his corner for him.Hamilton is a victim of bad press he says certain things they interpret them in an entirely different way.
        Alonso will end up leaving, hes not a team player he wants to be number one in a team and cant at mclaren with the rookie of the year there too, he only shares certain info when instructed to by ron and the chiefs.He needs flavio`s attention and his protection again.I will say it is a shame though that hes not got on with ron, some people arent ment to gell very well and that situation isnt ment for alonso he needs pampering and wrapping in bubble wrap, its what flavio is good at.

    • Speedtv is the only US feed I know of.

    • In the states it's SPEED Channel. Just check the the local paper. It should tell you.


    • If they drop the canadian grand prix you can say bye to any chance of having another usa grand prix,bernie has already said so.Alonso is going but is it ferrari for 20 million or renault for less haha.

    • Hey i will be in the US for the last 2 races of the season
      How do i catch them on tv?

    • This is an open message to Ron Dennis.

      For the sake of all that is expected by the British public, will you please sack Alonso before he kills Hamilton.

      The way you are being messed around by this Spanish idiot is nothing short of shameful, be a man and get rid of him.

      Stop making excuses for this pitiful display of childishness by this overpaid #$%$ dump him now and bring in your test driver.

      I would do this on the grid in front of everyone so that he can suffer the humiliation he deserves.

      England expects etc etc.

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      • Can anyone explain why there was little anti-Alonso sentiment over the last two seasons when he was top-dog and driving for Renault (beating Ferrari and Schumi) yet as soon as Hamilton - who opened up the recent can of worms by refusing team orders - comes on the scene Alonso is considered to be the devil himself? Dennis having nursed Hamilton naturally wants him to be top so its been uphill for Alonso ever since he made the mistake of being lured to Mclaren as 'insurance' if Hamilton did n't make it. Dennis will take more notice of the 'Bahrain connection' than you I'm afraid TrueBrit. F1 is global so England can expect nothing.

    • I've read the articles about Dennis and Alonso's relationship. Oh My Flaming God, it couldn't be worse.
      It makes no sense: he's selfish, unsportsmanlike, that we know, but he surely can't have been stupid enough to not know about McLaren's driver equality policies when he signed for them.
      I knew, from his attitude at Renault when his manager and friend Freaky Flavio joined in with his underhand off-track daftness, that he'd struggle at McLaren. Two reasons: unreliable car (but of course the jammy wotsit turns up at the exact moment Mercedes comes out with the reliable engine Mika Hakkinen had only ever dreamt of), and the team's pro-racing "do-it-on-the-track" stance.

      So it seems that McLaren did use the Ferrari info. Although it never appeared on their cars, they at least talked about it or simulated it.
      Dennis must feel so ashamed, not so much about the use of the Ferrari info that I believe he didn't know about, or didn't know that the drivers were involved (hence calling Mosley immediately after talking to Alonso), but more about the fact that his team has been turned in by one of his own drivers - now Alonso really has made a disgrace of himself. How anyone can want to have him in their team next year I just can't understand. Even Freaky Flavio can't have a that small sense of honour and self-respect.

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      • I cannot understand why the bastard is still employed. If this tosser worked for me his arse would have been out the door 10 seconds after I found out what he had done. NO company in the world would tollerate this kind of crap. Obviously Dennis has not got the guts to sack him. While we are onr the subject of this Spanish tit, what did he think he was doing at the start of last weeks race? He tried to run Hamilton off the track, fine team mate, the pit crew should have had a really bad stop waiting for him, about two or three minutes would have made the point.
        May he never get into a F1 car again that is run by an English manager.

      • I think Flavio would welcome Alonso back with open arms, they are two of a kind...the sooner Alonso leaves McLaren the better, as you say he must have known Hamilton and himself would be on equal terms but in saying that perhaps he was so much up his on #$%$, he thought different and didn't realise how good Hamilton was....I wonder if he will give Flavio the knowledge he had about Farrari....probably will because he certainly has no integrity....we may have another spygate involving Renault lol

    • alonso needs to get his ead out of his arse he said the orther week i should be the number 1 driver i ave bought a second a lap to mclaren wat a load of testicles and y did nt he turn up to the hearing cause he dropped his own team innit with them msn messages read the situiation like a book ......ron sack him

    • If Alonso was a footballer he wopuld be benched for the rest of the season. Come on Ron do the right thing and don't allow the arrogant and spoilt brat to get away with it!