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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 2, 2007 21:19 Flag

    Should Alonso out of MacLeran

    Read this:-
    "Alonso has two years still to run on his McLaren contract and, given the alleged state of his relationship with team boss Ron Dennis, it is not inconceivable that the Spaniard could be sidelined rather than allowed to go to another team"...Alonso has said "next year there is an important change in the rules. All the electronic aids are prohibited and it will be a season in which one must compete. Not only is traction control being removed, also the braking aids." I hope Ron Dennis does sideline him, hopefully it would f**k Alonso up...I'd say it's payback time

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    • McLaren should put him in charge of their kart team for a year. Maybe he will learn some humility there. Doubt it though.
      Still it's an expensive business keeping him and getting another driver. Lets face it McLaren are hardly in the money at the moment!
      Maybe they should sell him to Ferrari for lets say 100mil euro. Ferrari are used to dealing with Prima donnas and apparently he is already familiar with the car!!! Actually, 50mill euro cash plus Massa would be a good deal.
      Is Coughlan still suspended or has he gone? Not sure what is happening there.