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  • Greg Greg Sep 20, 2007 13:10 Flag

    FIA Transcripts

    Before making a post based on what you read on Planet F1 or any other site go to the FIA site and read the actual transcripts! The World Motor Sport Council did not find that McLaren used any information or that their cars used any Ferrari information in their construction or to give them an unfair advantage.
    In fact, Max Mosley states: "In this case, it "appears" that
    information has been circulating at McLaren that was very "likely" to have an impact on the performance of the car". Notice that he says it "appears", not that it did, and that it was "likey" and not that it did or will! According to the transcripts Farrari did not prove, or even present evidence, that the McLaren cars have any Ferrari linked technology. Yet now after there has been an addition hearing that didn't prove Ferrari's case, that McLaren used Ferrari information to gain an unfair advantage, McLaren is heavily penalized.
    It is well past the time for the manufactures to create their own championship, without Ferrari and the FIA. I think you would see more teams and manufactures involved.