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  • John D John D Sep 21, 2007 04:07 Flag

    Who's gonna be the next rookie in 2008? Who's goona be "retired" ?

    A lot of promising "wannabe F1 pilot" – Bourdais, Rodriguez, Glock..- are knocking at the door and lining up for a F1 wheel: who’s going to be the 2008 Hamilton?
    Some "currently lucky driver" might loose their privilege: any idea or insider info?

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    • Noone is going to do as well as Lewis, because the lucky little bastard drives a McLaren!!!! not only he has amazing talent he also has one of the best teams in history behind him.

      They tell us Bourdais is a very good driver, but in a Toro Rosso it still amounts to nothing - back of the grid for him... Although i think we can expect him to create a little excitement...i also believe he has much more experience than Vettel, because he has been testing their F1 car for a while now... Vettel had his first go at F1 when they kicked Speed out.