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  • Chas Chas Sep 23, 2007 00:19 Flag

    FIA Leaked McLaren/Farrari secrets

    What a bloody load of pillocks....sack the lot of then and fine them a few million quid....they couldn't organise a #$%$ up in a brewery. Will they now have a meeting in Paris and invite the rest of the teams.... to take away their points for reading these sensative documents?.....don't think so

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    • HaHa what a bunch of Muppets lol

      Now will FIA fine and dock points from any other team that end up with this information?? It’s only the same as what happened to McLaren.
      Ferrari practically gave the information to McLaren, but McLaren then got fined and lost points because they had this information in their possession. So it won’t be any different if any other team have this information!

      Also why is all the focus on McLaren, when it’s the Muppets at Ferrari that leaked the information in the 1st place?

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      • im fed up cwith the whole f1 politics over the recent years farrari has got away with so much over the years with of handed tatics and maclaren has been unfaily done on this one well tuked up i think it high time this sort of matter should be delelt with inderpendently.someone take note when it looks like farrari are loseing some other team gets points taken away hum me thinks someone somewhere wants them to win what you think?