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  • jonathan jonathan Sep 23, 2007 20:17 Flag

    Let's talk about the other teams....shall we?


    Who do you think will be very competitive next season?
    Can we hope to see "another team" win a GP next year?

    They say Renault's car should be much better next year..u believe it? well at least they were able to put one car in the top 10...

    BMW should be in the top 4 constructors next season, if not the top 3

    Honda ? i just dont like Button so i dont care

    Toyota - could have Massa next year? their car seems to have improved - still behind it seems

    Williams - just had some very good results, should be in the top 4 next year, in my opinion, dunno whats going to happen to Wurz

    Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Spyker .... if they fix their reliability problems i think RB should shine a bit ?
    Cant wait to see Bourdais, apparently very talented driver...

    Whats your take boys?

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    • Haway why dont you like button then, hes not in my top five drivers after what he did to frank, that was just wrong in my book.I would love to see bmw in the top 3, they deserve so much more after their achievements this year.Renault are hoping if alonso moves to them he will bring the spark back, well i doubt it very much, they just dont know where to go.What was the news on the spy scandal involving them.