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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 24, 2007 01:38 Flag

    Let's talk about the other teams....shall we?

    Haway why dont you like button then, hes not in my top five drivers after what he did to frank, that was just wrong in my book.I would love to see bmw in the top 3, they deserve so much more after their achievements this year.Renault are hoping if alonso moves to them he will bring the spark back, well i doubt it very much, they just dont know where to go.What was the news on the spy scandal involving them.

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    • re other teams and button i like button the move to bar was a good 1 since ren wanted him out and wasnt the choice at the time toyota?think it was?would much rather he moved to maclaren then alnso still thats life and whats happend to honda this year haha of corse thay could get better have you heard hehe the secrets out.