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    Max Mosley - Worthy President or Biased Buffoon?

    Despite repeated attempts by the viewing public to suggest that Max Mosley should remove himself from the FIA as he appears to act more often than not as an unofficial ambassador for Scuderia Ferrari, laying out ridiculous judgements on other teams thinking that we the interested public would not notice?

    His influence on the sport is nothing but a negative and his latest insult to Sir Jackie, who has experience both as a world champion driver and a team principle, simply highlights the apparent stupidity of Mosley who is once again being best friend to the team with the red cars - no surprise there then.

    So what is Max Mosley then - a worthy president or a biased buffoon?

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    • It is unbecoming of the President of any organisation to personally ridicule any individual let alone one held in high esteem by his peers and by the public. In doing so he merely discredits himself and shames the post he holds. Such a person is unfit to hold office and should resign or if lacking even that common decency should be removed from office. It's that simple.

    • Great to see so many people who really care about the sport of Formula 1 air their views. Thank you.

      I have no comment about Bernie Ecclestone personally so won't make one in this sum up of the responses to my question.

      Mosley on the other hand is quite clearly viewed by all of you as worse than an incompetent buffoon. You appear to view him as actively working to promote the interests of one team at the expense of all others and in the recent case of McLaren specifically at that team's expense. For my part I believe that he may be a Scuderia Ferrari lacky, he certainly behaves that way, but in my opinion he is actually worse than that, I think he is grossly incompetent and not fit to preside over a sport as important and technically complex as Formula One.

      I firmly believe that he has contributed nothing to the progress of Formula one while he has been president and it in circumstances such as the recent spygate affair that i understand fully why the major constructers threatened to break away - perhaps they should consider that again and hold the FIA to ransome for one purpose and one purpose only - the public dismissal of Max Mosley as president and his expulsion from the FIA.

      The sport is in grave danger of being turned into a sad hollywood style parody and this is not what i or the other millions of fans around the world tune in watch. Listen to what the fans tell you Max and Bernie, because we are getting just a little bored of the power politics, what we want is good racing.

    • Son of a wartime British facist - we'll there's a surprise NOT
      Favours a team from a facist state - another surprise NOT
      Behaves like a facist - no tolerance of anything other than his Reich

      Time to rid ourselves of this dictatorship and fight for FREEDOM

    • I agree with all the comments on here about Max the Tw*t Mosley, and his greedy small friend, with small man syndrome. Trouble is, they will never mention these accusations of blatent biasness towards Ferrari on the TV, cause they will just pull the rug on the TV rights contract, of the relevant TV company if they had one. The ones that need to know what people think are the Advertisers, so that they can see the exodus of the viewer, and then hit them where it hurts.....in the pocket!

      Why can they not realise, that for the good of the sport, Ferrari ave got to stop getting what they want, as soon as they start to lose, and throw their toy's out of their pram. I think that this is one of the reason's Eddie Jordan left, cause he knew it was going on, because he lived for F1.

      I stopped watching last season, cause the little white haired gollum, keeps on about his Precious..............(Ferrari team), and Mad Max backs him, and I adore F1.

      But what I do know is, I've now lost interest again this season, and will not watch next season, if these two keep favouring that spoilt child team in red!!!

    • To add insult to injury, Mr. Mosely is now threating to exclude McLaren from next years championship. I have often thought F1 really stood for "Ferrari First", Mr. Mosely's comments have cemented that to me. Should McLaren be banned it would be then end of my support and interest in F1. Which is sad because there is no other motor sport as interesting. Unless you consider LeManns series. :)

      On the subject at hand, the slight to Sir Jackie. #$%$ OFF MAX! It's incomprehensible that the head of a major organization can stoop to public name calling. This isn't the fifth grade. Grow up boys.

      Something else that has been glazed over during the whole "Spygate" fiasco, Ferrari has 20 seats on the WMSC. Hmm, is the council somewhat biased? Those members should have excused themselves from the hearing as interested / biased parties. But then how could the outcome have been gauranteed?

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      • I didn't realise that Farrari held 20 seat on the WMSC....bloody hell no wonder McLaren got such a heavy penalty...they didn't stand a chance of a fair hearing...you're right Greg they should have excused themselves....that's diabolical, it makes the whole bloody hearing a farce...I hope even fair minded Farrari fans who didn't know how many seats were held by Farrari would think it was unfair....well I hope they would....who knows!!!!!

      • I`ve followed F1 for years and understand the whole aspect and i feel its tossers like max that are bringing the sport into disrepute, firstly how could such a halfwit himself call one of motorsports ambassadors one,If he is wondering around like a numpty thinking of how he can help ferrari and by dropping mclaren is his answer then he should be dropped, he should have done it at the meeting in paris.I`ll do his job for a year and donate my pay check to charity.He should just wear his red shirt now its obvious which side of the fence hes on,

      • well said that man i feel the same way im p....ed of with the whole politics

    • any one out there got contacts in the media that can give some air time on the subject of our sport about time the fans got a say and givern some real facts and questions like are the goverment going to pich in and keep the british GP and at the end do a public vote phone in and lets see what the fans think.

    • i agree the only halfwit appers to be mosley and i cant say it anoth over the years some one out there prefers the red car think its coming to light who that is now dosent it.

    • I see Mosley is still hounding McLaren or more to the point Dennis...he's saying that there would be an inspection at Woking factory to inspect the 2008 car...fair enough, Dennis is quoted as saying let it happen as soon as possible and before you Farrari fans start saying he wants it quick so he can then use the so called documents remember that all modifications of the car has to be handed in at the start of the season and then they are scrutineered at each race but knowing Mosley he will probably do it a week before the season starts just to f**k McLaren up, he's also saying that McLaren could still be banned...the sooner this arsehole is outed the better...he has probably had orders from his bosses at Ferrari to ban McLaren one way or another
      I can't see why the whole matter cannot be put to bed...McLaren were penalized (unfairly in my opinion) Ferrari got what they wanted...are Mosley and Ferrari going to carry this on into next season?...if they do..they are the ones bringing the sport into disrepute

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      • I have followed F1 for many years and seen many so called F1 pundits/experts give an opinion. I have never seen such an unjust and kneejerk reaction to any incident untill Mosley got his 15mins of fame. He is for a presedent an insult to F1 and he should be removed asap. Ron Dennis has remained calm and resolute, perfectly composed albeit hurt and slightly emotional about the slurs played against his integrity. But he is human and comes across to most people as a genuine dedicated proffessional. Mosley is in my opinion should be ashamed of his conduct. Ron Dennis and his inspired organisation didn't get where they are because they wanted to cheat, they got there through shear determination and persiverance. If anyone or team should be punised it should be the team that allows sensative information to be leaked, deliberately or not!!! Mr Mosely should also be aware that team secrets often cross barriers when drivers change teams....something that one McLaren driver obviously did before the season ended.....................

      • How long has Max Mosely been President of the FIA anyway?
        Has a real change in mentalities taken place or does his presidency merely coincide with the downfall of Formula One?
        Has to be said, he was around before Mika Hakkinen became champion - 2000 was the last really good World Championship we had - and it's just gone pear-shaped ever since.
        Also, in the last few years, rallying has lost its stars (Makinen, Sainz, Auriol, Kankkunen, McRae, Burns - RIP for both of them), and at the same time become expensive and boring. Those who read Hannu Mikkola's article on the site will understand further. The FIA was fining teams who didn't turn up at all the rounds a few years ago!!!
        I hope his successor will do something sensible to get us out of this, thus he will leave as the only FIA President of the Shameful Era

    • hi basicly steward is a decent bloke

      and mosley is the poison dwarfs lawyer

      and you have to wonder who is in the world motorsport council

      who gave 100 years of TV rights to the dwarf