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  • Hansi Hansi Sep 28, 2007 10:20 Flag

    Max Mosley - Worthy President or Biased Buffoon?

    Look....nothing can be done. Get over it, complain if you want but it falls on deaf ears. Look at the IDIOT we have running our country (Bush) (and that's an insult to idiot's calling him that!!) and all of the people that want him out of office. It just falls on deaf ears! At least we only have 15 more months!!

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    • Thanks for your comment Hans and commiserations on your president, lets hope he doesn't start anything else before he goes off.

      You are right of course that there is nothing we can do but complain, but i for one hope that the more of us raise our voices properly and make sure that the F1 controlling personalities and bodies understand that our patience is now running out and we are demanding more transaprency and more accountability not just at a team level, but at a policy setting level.