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  • Aydee Aydee Sep 26, 2007 06:24 Flag

    Amnesty to McLaren Drivers

    If the two McLaren drivers had not been guilty then why did they need to be given an amnesty? Why did they not simply co-operate with the enquiry? By demanding an amnesty they have admitted their guilt in the matter - so why were they allowed to get off scotfree?

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    • If my memory is correct was alonso not offerred it for handing over emails and as for lewis he had no part in it according to the motor sport council.

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      • I think people #$%$ a lot about McLaren being stuffed by the FIA/Mosley/Ferrari pundits in the motor council... but really if u look at it, they got away with nothing but a slap on the wrist!

        You can say whatever you want about how the FIA handled the whole situation, but Alonso and De la Rosa should really have been banned from this season and the next... Hamilton had nothing to do with it so its fair enough, he should keep his points... But Alonso didn't get one single point of penalty although he was proved to be guilty of dealing with Ferrari data... And what did he do for it? nothing he didnt testify, he didnt participate in the trial/hearing, and he didnt give his emails, the italian police had them all.... so i ask, why is he still allowed to run for the remaining races?

        As far as Alonso is concerned yeah he got an easy Amnesty in my opinion...